PleaseWakeMeUpIdler: SL Sculpture

One of the joys in the Second Life sculpture art scene is watching an artist like PleaseWakeMeUp Idler come forward with a vision that is totally unique. I’ve seen his work move from playing with notions of 2D art in a 3D environment to now integrating scripting and kinetics. What a wonderful collection, from a terrific guy. (Also, Wake hosts a weekly ArtTalk on Monday nights at the Artropolis sim…great dialogue!)

I asked Wake to add a few thoughts to give context to what you see. Here are his thoughts, unedited:

I see things.

I see things and I wonder at them, at the beauty of them, and I want to record them and share.

Usually what I see is light and reflections. I love being at the fair at night, seeing the rides all lit up. I enjoy being inside at night and looking out, seeing the inside lights as a reflection on the outside scene.

I’ve also always enjoy processes, the smooth or quantized progression from one state or form into another. It could be a sand castle being washed away by the sea, or snow falling. Sometimes there are imperceptible changes that are additive, sometimes there are discrete steps to the change. But there is change.

When I came to SL in 2006 it wasn’t to create art, but just to explore. But eventually I started building sculptures, and I guess it isn’t surprising, given what I see in my head, that I build what I build. There is light, there is process.

And that is where I started with light and process and almost all my works to date involve those. But my RL photography isn’t always about light and process, but about focus. Directed seeing.

And that is where my portraits are from. Some show blends, some show different views of the same scene, cut up, disassembled and then reassembled. I’ve enjoyed making those. After the first one, the 10 tallish square tubes of Mark and Nber, I thought I was done, I had nothing left to say. But soon the others flowed. At first I concentrated on blending, making my first scripted pieces. Two rotating sculptures came from that. But I returned to the portraits, wondering how I could blend a single person. My friend Aislin modeled for me, she suggested that a person has more than one facet and the piece showing 4 views of Aislin was conceived. Then it was a quick matter to use the same technique to show the 4 sides of the same view, blending front, back, left and right into a piece that mimics, but yet distorts reality.

And that brings me to dreams and nightmares, the Watchers.

I was working with Sherpa Voyager on our first immersive, Political is Personal. She’s done the poetry and I’m doing the installation. And while waiting for Midnight Mass to start I had a sudden vision of large objects that wouldn’t let you escape they gaze. I can’t say this is original, I saw a sculpture at Snaper Strong’s gallery months ago and that moved towards me, and Jopsy Pendgragon had a large eyeball that looked at me. But art isn’t built in a vacuum.

And since this is Second Life, I took my vision, I took my nightmare, and built them.

PleaseWakeMeUp “Wake” Idler

You can find Wake’s artwork at his Throwing Stones Gallery, Rezago Kokorin’s Blekinge Sculpture Park and Art Maniac Research/Studio 33.

[UPDATE: The Personal is Political is reviewed in great depth byCyberloom.  Wake wrote in the comments that the build was going to stay up for a little while longer…I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I thought it was to come down this weekend.  It apparently isn’t, so I encourage everyone to see this powerful creation.]

“Free Shop” or Content Theft Central?

Cleaning out my Landmark Inventory, I teleported over to “Free Shop” and was struck at the volume of creative works available for free (and not quite free). And the vendors were all so unique in their own right. No consistency whatsoever. Is Leifang Flow (owner of this “Shop”) an ADD- riddled graphic designer and creator-savant, a content thief, or something else? I smell a rat.
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Phil Linden: I can’t run Linden Lab well and have to protect my investment

That’s surely what it looks like from the initial announcement through Reuters and then in his own personal comments.

Perhaps the new CEO will straighten out the mess with bots, griefers, anonymous accounts and content theft. Phil had plenty of opportunities and passed every time.