A little WindLight beauty to soothe the nerves

Here’s my entry in tonight’s PhotoHunt event hosted by the Virtual Artist Alliance.  Lots of  WindLight on this one…but I especially like the shine in the tail.  It wasn’t a winner, but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

Cave Rua Water Gardens

Photo was taken at Cave Rua Water Gardens, by the way.  Enjoy!

If LL is taking ‘SL’, I am taking ‘DD’…. More on Brand Madness

As Morris posted HERE, LL wants their eyeball hand all to themselves, and wants no one to ever infringe upon the words “second” and “life” together.

Disclaimer: This picture posted in this blog in no way reflects anything to do with the company known as “Linden Lab” and the product “Second Life” Furthermore, this “Second Arts” blog is in no way officially connected with “Second Life” or “Linden Lab”. ….(sigh) …. Further furthermore… Doubledown Tandino is not the one in the picture wearing the TShirts. ….. fuuuuuuuuurthermore, “Second Life”& “Linden Lab” are cool, and this blog, and the readers, and Doubledown Tandino are in no way affiliated with “Second Life” or “Linden Lab” even though we’re the ones making it and they just own the land……

….. I give up….. are we going to have to write disclaimers like this on everything now?????? HELP US?!

Anyway, as a statement, I took it upon myself to make light of the madness and transform it into a violating new TShirt line. IM me inworld and I’ll be happy to give you the first set of 3.

SL Humor Tees - SL Trademark Violation TShirts - 3 Pack

Linden hypocrisy re: intellectual property

From Miss Hera, posted on the JIRA:

“Linden Labs should”, unforturnately isn’t the same as ‘linden labs does”.
Look up the amount of resold stolen item and the percentage of items where linden labs removed the UUID after a DMCA.

I’ve got a nice collection of stolen skins  of which all still work and none have a removed UUID. I ask every supernewbie who wears an expensive brand skin but no other items, to give me a copy of the skin so I can see it is stolen.

So far I’ve got:
Dante – tanned and beard – UUID not removed Alina – 2 versions, UUID not removed
X2 male – UUID not removed
X2 female 2 versions – UUID not removed
FNKY skin – UUID not removed
Envision skin – UUID not removed

All full perms, and all still working. So what does this say about Linden Labs DMCA? They do not remove it.

And more news on the stolen skins front: secondlifes most well known self proven skin thief is back with a new store on the frontpage of the classifieds. He renamed his store to “ATENAS store”, but they still are affiliated with the “help brazil” group an the well known “rubnet olivier” is still the owner. Just so you know, this is the same store as the one previously called “SOUL”

Nice, Linden Lab.  Protect your own intellectual property, but leave your residents’ content exposed to theft and don’t give them the power to correct the measure.   Stay classy.