Welcome to Oyster Bay, Gore Suntzu!

Now on display, Gore’s piece – Prims Abuse 2.0.  I took this photo with RenderGlow turned on:

What a beautiful piece, and a wonderful addition to the collection of SL sculpture artistry at Oyster Bay!

The (other) Abyss

The Abyss 2.0 (officially now called The Abyss Museum of Ocean Science) has opened. Sunn Thunders and Rezago Kokorin made it a wonderful experience, but – strangely – another “The Abyss” also has popped up.  This one is an entire sim called The Abyss:

It’s a visually intriguing build, located over 200m high and playing with the viewer’s sense of depth perception by strategically placing “far away” objects not nearly as far as one would think, but built much smaller to give the impression of distance.

The textures are cool, and the structures are very nice prim construction.

And then, there’s the one building that I was able to walk into, after the fold…

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Another rare Starax creation

Marcan Aridian (a pretty good SL sculpture artist in his own right) yesterday shared with me a heretofore unknown (to me) Starax Statosky sculpture, “Bird Scene 2005”:

Marcan told me he picked it up at a SL yard sale.  Talk about dumb luck!

I love the bird designs…very creative.  Marcan offered to show the piece at Oyster Bay, and we very well may take him up on that offer soon.  Thanks for sharing, Marcan!

Letting his (skeletal) fingers do the walking, literally!

Ladies and gentlemen, Madcow Cosmos’ new avatar….