Cheen Pitney’s latest: The First Nations Dancers Series

Last night, Cheen Pitney IM’d me and wanted to show me his latest.  His offering: The First Nations Dancers Series.  Simply put, this collection is incredible.  Three pieces that evoke imagery of native cultures from the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the United States.  Cheen talks more about it on his blog:

In this tableau, just installed at Oyster Bay. I present 3 dancers in somewhat fanciful masks and hand adornments representing the sky – Eagle Dancer, the earth – Bear Dancer and the sea – Orca Dancer. The beautiful geometric lines that prims afford seem to me to blend magnificently with the simple graphic shapes that echo this amazing style of art called Coastal First Nation.

Cheen has more on this collection at his blog…go take a look.

As for the photos, Isolde Flamand and Cheen have been working on a project where she’s taking photos of Cheen’s extensive library of works and coming up with some wonderful results, so I asked her to apply that skill toward this brand new collection.   I think you’ll agree that she did a great job.

This fantastic collection can be seen on the waterfront stage/display space at Oyster Bay.

Obligatory Oyster Bay SL sculpture photo

“Kneeling Angel,” by Cheen Pitney, located on the Oyster Bay waterfront. What a great piece!