Isolde’s impressionistic take on the First Nations Dancers

Give a SL photographer a couple days with a SL sculpture collection as great as Cheen Pitney’s First Nations Dancers (more resident photos) and a graphics program like GIMP, and you get some wonderful results.  Isolde takes the images and, through multiple layering, sets them ablaze like the campfire they dance around.  Enjoy!

The Bear:


The Eagle:


The Orca:


Same piece, different views

Part of the beauty of this intersection of SL sculpture and SL photography is the subjective interpretation of inworld artwork as expressed in the images we share. Thanks to friends, as well as sites like Snapzilla, you can see the diversity in the artistic eye.

Today’s case study: Light Waves’ Angel in Bondage from the Rezzable Hallucinogen sim. First up, Isolde Flamand:

…and MANY more interpretations to follow…

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I R in UR Kitchen Eatin’ UR Sugar

Yes, Madcow invades the Rezzable Greenies sim…

I R in UR Kitchen Eatin’ UR Sugar

SL resident photos of the First Nations Dancers

I really don’t like to toss out the SL group notice spam, but works like Cheen Pitney’s latest collection deserves attention. Apparently so, as people are sending me their own SL photographic interpretations of this collection.

Jordan Morgenrote took this piece (and the one immediately after the fold), which was lightly Photoshopped to accent the wonderful lines of these pieces:

First Nations Dancers series (Photoshopped), photo by Jordan Morgenrote

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Follow the Path

A great photo of “sculptie” SL sculpture by Light Waves, taken by Jordan Morgenrote:


Photoessay: Dancing amongst the sculptures

It was a slow Friday night, and I was enjoying the new First Nations Dancers pieces from Cheen Pitney. The pieces really grabbed me, and my little pixellated avi was drawn to join in the dance with those towering pieces.

One thing led to another, and this admittedly self-indulgent photoessay of my journey around the sculptures of Oyster Bay resulted. There’s a sense of joy and freedom of being able to interact with the art in such a way – I encourage everyone to find such joy and fun in their SL experiences!

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