Coming Soon: NMC Museum grand opening!

SL art guru (goddess?) Tayzia Abattoir dropped a preview photo of the soon-to-be open NMC Museum on me today. I thought I’d share….

NMC Museum

Tayzia also was kind enough to explain a little about the NMC, her “side venture” in addition to the Crescent Moon Museum (SLURL link by touching the logo on the side column):

The NMC Campus is a virtual laboratory available to NMC (a RL not-for-profit organization, SL blog link) member [higher education] institutions and their faculty. It has been carefully constructed to provide researchers and students dozens of prebuilt settings for experiments in social interaction in 3-D space. The museum is on the main NMC campus, to encourage creativity amongst the community.

The NMC Museum opens in about two to three weeks. Can’t wait – looks like another strong collection of SL sculpture art styles!