ArtTalk: Success in SL Art transcript

Thanks to the many people who attended this evening’s ArtTalk panel on “Success in Second Life Art.”

Special thanks also to our panelists, Madcow Cosmos, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal and Cheen Pitney for their active participation and discussion of such a wide variety of topics.

Per requests of the attendees, the transcript of the event follows after the fold….

ArtTalk - Success in SL Art

Featuring Madcow Cosmos, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal and Cheen Pitney

Moderated by Morris Vig

[Lightly edited to remove system messages]

[18:03] Morris Vig: Getting started, I want to welcome you all. Let’s thank Enniv Zarf and Cyanide Seelowe for spurring discussion of this topic
[18:04] Morris Vig: the “Best of SL Art” has been a topic of conversation, but there are some fun, fundamental isuses…like what makes you the best? and, by extension, what makes you successful?
[18:04] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:04] Gracie Kendal: Is that was this talk was for?
[18:04] Morris Vig: So let’s let our esteemed panel kick it off. How do you folks define success in SL art?
[18:05] Morris Vig: um yeah kinda G
[18:05] metalhead Cosmos: well i would think income amount determines success in SL….just like RL
[18:05] Gracie Kendal: I have no idea πŸ˜›
[18:05] Filthy Fluno: metalhead
[18:05] Filthy Fluno: that is a good point
[18:05] Max Janick: You honestly can’t define ‘best’ in objective terms unless you gauge success as monetary gain. And that opens a whole chestnut of controversy
[18:06] Gracie Kendal: I think success and best are two different things
[18:06] metalhead Cosmos: I have GREAT 3d art…..but I am unsuccesful because I do not sell very many
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: me too
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: how about panelists get to comment
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: then audience
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: MAX?!!!
[18:06] Morris Vig: fire away filthy
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: ahemmmmm
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: ok
[18:06] Morris Vig: how do you measure success?
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: where was i
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: yes
[18:06] Max Janick: I’ll agree, but only if you sing again
[18:06] Filthy Fluno: selling is important if that’s your goal
[18:07] metalhead Cosmos: lol
[18:07] Max Janick: ❀
[18:07] Filthy Fluno: i will talk about selling
[18:07] Filthy Fluno: since that is my prioirty in here… i gotta pay my mortgage by selling art
[18:07] Gracie Kendal: for me its not about selling
[18:07] Cheen Pitney: I think it depends on who is defining it someone else or the artis him or her self
[18:07] Gracie Kendal: its getting my work and ‘name’ out to a larger audience
[18:07] metalhead Cosmos: true
[18:08] Filthy Fluno: yes.. so let’s just speak to what our individual goals are
[18:08] Gracie Kendal: I ws averaging 40-50 sales a month
[18:08] metalhead Cosmos: I have been told by some of the most succesful ppl in SL that my art is top notch and I should be doing really well….but again…..I’m not
[18:08] Blackthorn Hare: Isn’t this discussion going to come down to “We all define success on our own terms?”
[18:08] Gracie Kendal: of course, we all know that has considerably slowed down
[18:08] Filthy Fluno: ok
[18:08] Filthy Fluno: first
[18:08] Gracie Kendal: But success for me is using my art for charity…
[18:09] Cheen Pitney: honorable ideal Grace
[18:09] Filthy Fluno: i’ll come out and say that anyone who says they have the best, or most successful this or that is usually full of shit
[18:09] metalhead Cosmos: I was trying to supplement my retirement with art in SL and online
[18:09] Filthy Fluno: there’s too much criteria
[18:09] Filthy Fluno: contests…
[18:09] Filthy Fluno: blah
[18:09] Filthy Fluno: best of SL
[18:09] Filthy Fluno: is caca
[18:10] Kafka Joubert: throwing fancy french aorunds i see
[18:10] Filthy Fluno: its all about longevity
[18:10] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:10] Filthy Fluno: perservearance
[18:10] Filthy Fluno: and making the best art you can
[18:10] Madcow Cosmos: Contests are not about winning so much as name recognition
[18:10] metalhead Cosmos: well i consider someone who clears $8,000k US pretty damn successful
[18:10] Morris Vig: but you have to agree, Filthy, that the notion of success is worth discussing, only because the nature of SL really makes it different than RL.
[18:10] Filthy Fluno: that’s fine
[18:10] Ludo Merit: who?
[18:10] Cheen Pitney: woo who does that
[18:10] metalhead Cosmos: thats weekly btw
[18:10] Filthy Fluno: who is doing that metalhead
[18:10] metalhead Cosmos: my buddy Ninja Petion
[18:11] Morris Vig: Nice gig.
[18:11] Cheen Pitney: well count me in on that gravy trai
[18:11] metalhead Cosmos: he got me into SL to design for him
[18:11] Gracie Kendal: selling art?
[18:11] Filthy Fluno: i agree morris
[18:11] metalhead Cosmos: No…he owns an island and a mall
[18:11] Gracie Kendal: I have never heard of him
[18:11] Filthy Fluno: but.. .who is the most succesfful?
[18:11] Gracie Kendal: well..thats different
[18:11] Filthy Fluno: who cares?
[18:11] metalhead Cosmos: clothes shoes jewelry etc
[18:11] Filthy Fluno: what can make people successful is the key
[18:11] Gracie Kendal: thats art in its own right
[18:11] metalhead Cosmos: to ME ….he is successful at SL
[18:11] Gracie Kendal: but now what we are talkign about
[18:11] Filthy Fluno: ok
[18:12] Filthy Fluno: but.. i’ve never heard of him
[18:12] Filthy Fluno: as far as i know
[18:12] Cheen Pitney: and he dont care
[18:12] Cheen Pitney: hahaha
[18:12] metalhead Cosmos: Digital Dragon Designs?
[18:12] Filthy Fluno: you are him
[18:12] Morris Vig: We’ve got some real definite opinions on this. Financially, that’s a criteria.
[18:12] Morris Vig: What about word of mouth?
[18:12] Gracie Kendal: Absolutely
[18:12] metalhead Cosmos: what?……are you on crack or something?
[18:12] Cheen Pitney: well accolades are nice
[18:12] Filthy Fluno: saying that someone sold $8k of stuff in SL
[18:12] Gracie Kendal: Its who ya know :))
[18:12] Filthy Fluno: is pointless
[18:13] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:13] Shawn Beaumont: is everyone supposed to turn off voice?
[18:13] Morris Vig waits for Gracie to bring up the SL Art Mafia….
[18:13] Gracie Kendal: Me, you started it!!!!
[18:13] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:13] Gracie Kendal: yoru the godfather arent you?
[18:13] Madcow Cosmos: Word of mouth is a ends to a means. Its not about recognition so much as what that regogition brings
[18:13] Filthy Fluno: success for me is for everyone to know that I am Filthy FLuno, avatar of the RL artist Jeffrey Lipsky
[18:13] Morris Vig: Yes, we’re using text chat to ensure a transcript
[18:14] Morris Vig: and you use SL to sell RL art, right, Filthy?
[18:14] Filthy Fluno: for people to know that the art i make is important
[18:14] Gracie Kendal: yes, but..for me its about getting my passion out there…
[18:14] Cheen Pitney: and 2d artists have it there
[18:14] Filthy Fluno: yes i do morris
[18:14] Filthy Fluno: i’ve tried other ways
[18:14] Cheen Pitney: it translates int rl much better
[18:14] Filthy Fluno: SL works the best for me to hook up opportunites and sell art
[18:14] Morris Vig: get your passion out there, Gracie?
[18:14] metalhead Cosmos: wow you seem like a self centered , egomaniac
[18:14] Gracie Kendal: I woudl love to use SL as a vehicle to get into a RL gallery
[18:14] Filthy Fluno: metalhead
[18:14] metalhead Cosmos: yes?
[18:15] Filthy Fluno: you’ve done most of the talking here
[18:15] Cheen Pitney: the internet is your gallery
[18:15] metalhead Cosmos: and?
[18:15] Morris Vig: would you find getting into a RL gallery as a point of success, Gracie?
[18:15] Gracie Kendal: absolutely
[18:15] metalhead Cosmos: your keyboard works right?
[18:15] Filthy Fluno: and the four of us on stage were invited to present
[18:15] Filthy Fluno: you’re not letting us
[18:15] Filthy Fluno: there needs to be some kind of organization here
[18:15] Gracie Kendal: for me thats part of it….
[18:15] Filthy Fluno: so please let other’s talk
[18:16] Filthy Fluno: and don’t name call
[18:16] Gracie Kendal: I also find success in bing able to talk about my work with people from all over the world
[18:16] Gracie Kendal: which SL provides
[18:16] Morris Vig: Yes, thank you Filthy
[18:16] metalhead Cosmos: sorry ….part of my military “take charge” attitude
[18:16] Cheen Pitney: yes that is good
[18:16] Filthy Fluno: meh
[18:16] Morris Vig: Cheen – build on that, please
[18:16] Cheen Pitney: to get lots of l=folks to see your work
[18:16] Cheen Pitney: I get great joy when someone Ims
[18:17] Morris Vig: exposure, a good thing indeed
[18:17] Cheen Pitney: and say love your stuff
[18:17] Gracie Kendal: absolutely
[18:17] Gracie Kendal: people that you dont know
[18:17] Filthy Fluno: yes.. i agree
[18:17] metalhead Cosmos: so ….how does one go about becomeing MORE succesful if there goal is monetary achivement?
[18:17] Gracie Kendal: its an amazing feeling
[18:17] Cheen Pitney: from all over the world
[18:17] Corcosman Voom: Oy
[18:17] Morris Vig: Metalhead, please let the panelists talk
[18:17] Filthy Fluno: that’s a good question metalhead
[18:17] Callipygian Christensen: metalhead, shutting up and listening is a good start imo
[18:17] Filthy Fluno: can i try to answer it?
[18:17] Morris Vig: Sure
[18:17] Madcow Cosmos: Better you than me filthy
[18:17] Filthy Fluno: ok…so
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: people send me im’s say they like it
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: me as in.. the artist
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: i collect these names
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: and at the end of each week
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: contact them
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: same with my visitor counter
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: follow up is crucial
[18:18] Cheen Pitney: yes
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: “you came to my gallery, you said you liked.. let’s talk
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: just like RL
[18:18] Gracie Kendal: Absolutely
[18:18] Filthy Fluno: you ALWAYS gotta follow up
[18:19] Filthy Fluno: if not
[18:19] Ludo Merit: Oh, does that bring the price down?
[18:19] Cheen Pitney: up hahahah
[18:19] Filthy Fluno: does what bring the price down?
[18:19] IanLee Patton: hehehe
[18:19] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:19] Morris Vig: heh
[18:19] Filthy Fluno: whooooosh.. over my head
[18:19] Ludo Merit: If I say I like something does that somehowe make me able to afford it?
[18:19] Morris Vig: So does that get you sales – RL or sl?
[18:19] Filthy Fluno: no
[18:19] Filthy Fluno: liking and affording are two different things
[18:19] Cheen Pitney: makes good vibrations
[18:20] Filthy Fluno: but… its a good start
[18:20] Cheen Pitney: gtsyour name out positively
[18:20] Ludo Merit: So you can follow up with me and I still won’t buy.
[18:20] Morris Vig: so relationships – that’s part of the package
[18:20] Filthy Fluno: i could care less if people llike the art i make
[18:20] Filthy Fluno: if i cared.. .the art wouldn’t be the same
[18:20] Cheen Pitney: but you may tell a friend
[18:20] Filthy Fluno: i’d just churn out the same caca
[18:20] Filthy Fluno: and keep it safe
[18:20] Filthy Fluno: the fact is that not every artist is gonna make it in here
[18:21] Filthy Fluno: actually… the minority will
[18:21] metalhead Cosmos: so what your saying is “networking” is the key
[18:21] Filthy Fluno: yes metalhead.. networking is huge
[18:21] Cheen Pitney: get your name out there
[18:21] Filthy Fluno: nothing really surprising about that
[18:21] Madcow Cosmos: By make it do you mean in the financial sense only?
[18:21] Cheen Pitney: there are so many folks here
[18:21] Filthy Fluno: i mean to make it as in… be able to sustain yourself as an artist
[18:21] Cheen Pitney: catch as many as you can
[18:21] Filthy Fluno: some people need compliments
[18:21] Filthy Fluno: and need to be liked
[18:22] Filthy Fluno: and need their art to be liked
[18:22] Cheen Pitney: the wider you cast the net
[18:22] Morris Vig: OK Madcow, pipe in. You’re a prolific guy. What happened to make you think you might be successful in SL art?
[18:23] Corcosman Voom: Crashed?
[18:23] Madcow Cosmos: Well My goal has nothing to do with finance, I’m about 3 30 item vendors behind in even getting my things to market
[18:23] Morris Vig: then what’s the goal for you?
[18:23] Cheen Pitney: beauty
[18:23] Cheen Pitney: bony beauty
[18:23] Alander Starostin: wow
[18:23] Madcow Cosmos: My goal was to share my imagination with others and keep the virtual world as wierd as my personal one
[18:23] Alander Starostin: hi every body
[18:23] Filthy Fluno: so cheen.. you don’t need the $$ to survive in RL
[18:23] Gracie Kendal: Yes
[18:24] Cheen Pitney: well I must say it helps
[18:24] Cheen Pitney: dont pay the bills but
[18:24] Madcow Cosmos: I don’t even need my name attached to things but without recognition its hard to open doors
[18:24] Filthy Fluno: so what makes you successful panelists?
[18:24] Morris Vig: Gracie, you market your works and your galleries as well as any artist. What drives you?
[18:24] Filthy Fluno: what are you doing to be successful here?
[18:24] Filthy Fluno: sorry morris
[18:24] Morris Vig: np filthy
[18:25] Filthy Fluno: didn’t mean to jump in there
[18:25] Morris Vig: it’s all about dialogue
[18:25] Gracie Kendal: definitely isnt the money…LOL
[18:25] Gracie Kendal: I knew when I becaame an artist..that I would be I got my degree in Art History…
[18:25] Gracie Kendal: but..I LOVE art
[18:25] Gracie Kendal: I am here…and I show my works..because of that love
[18:25] Cheen Pitney: and it shows
[18:25] Filthy Fluno: gracie
[18:25] Morris Vig: clearly
[18:25] Cheen Pitney: you hold true
[18:26] Gracie Kendal: Thank you πŸ™‚
[18:26] Filthy Fluno: let’s say you get that killer dream job at a museum
[18:26] Filthy Fluno: in RL
[18:26] Filthy Fluno: and you got no more time for SL
[18:26] Filthy Fluno: what happens then?
[18:26] Gracie Kendal: My ultimate dream job….honestly…..
[18:26] Gracie Kendal: is to be a full time artist…
[18:26] Gracie Kendal: not rich…
[18:26] Gracie Kendal: but being able to live off pof creating
[18:26] Morris Vig: a reasonable standard, RL or SL
[18:26] Cheen Pitney: the pyramid is steep Grace
[18:26] Gracie Kendal: I will always have tim e for Sl
[18:27] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:27] Filthy Fluno: that’s good news
[18:27] Cheen Pitney: only one eric clapton
[18:27] Filthy Fluno: yes
[18:27] Gracie Kendal: Yes, exactl CHeen
[18:27] Madcow Cosmos: I’d rather be dream unemployed than have a dream job
[18:27] Gracie Kendal: LOL yea
[18:27] Gracie Kendal: I am right now…LOL
[18:27] Cheen Pitney: that is cool too
[18:27] Morris Vig: OK Cheen – you don’t own land in SL, right? Is there a financial imperative for you?
[18:27] Gracie Kendal: so if anyone is hiring :))
[18:27] Cheen Pitney: of the passion is there
[18:27] Filthy Fluno: hire her already!
[18:27] Morris Vig: amen, filthy.
[18:28] Cheen Pitney: well yes there is
[18:28] Morris Vig: is that it?
[18:28] Gracie Kendal: lol
[18:28] Cheen Pitney: to keep you going hahahaha
[18:28] Morris Vig: ah – the Vig Fund for O.B. Preservation
[18:28] Morris Vig: but enough of that
[18:28] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:28] Cheen Pitney: its in the mix but not the total picture
[18:29] Morris Vig: flesh it out, please
[18:29] Cheen Pitney: I was totally amazed when that became viable
[18:29] Morris Vig: (not the Vig stuff)
[18:29] Gracie Kendal: I mean..check out t new Christmans tree that Madcow created….and all of the artist working together…I think that is an amazing collaboration
[18:29] Cheen Pitney: and I am not rich
[18:29] Cheen Pitney: by any means
[18:29] Cheen Pitney: here or there
[18:29] Gracie Kendal: sorry..cheen πŸ™‚
[18:29] Cheen Pitney: np
[18:30] Filthy Fluno: i’d also like to add
[18:30] Morris Vig: please do
[18:30] Filthy Fluno: you gotta educate yourself to the market forces in SL
[18:30] Filthy Fluno: first and foremost
[18:30] Morris Vig: talk about that
[18:30] Filthy Fluno: they’re crazily unstable
[18:30] Filthy Fluno: but
[18:30] Morris Vig: how so?
[18:30] Madcow Cosmos: Filth always sells though, good choice in names.
[18:30] Filthy Fluno: the best read I’ve found is Slart Magazine’s pdf download
[18:31] Morris Vig: heh MC
[18:31] Filthy Fluno: he’s a Real life economist
[18:31] Filthy Fluno: art collector
[18:31] Filthy Fluno: artist
[18:31] Filthy Fluno: administrator
[18:31] Filthy Fluno: and really grumpy usually.. .the grumpy guys usually know their shit
[18:31] Morris Vig: this is ArtWorld Market, you mean
[18:31] Filthy Fluno: yes
[18:31] Ludo Merit: When is question time?
[18:31] Madcow Cosmos: You said earlier that you didn’t let others enjoyment of your work effect its creation, so how do you use what you find there filthy?
[18:32] Morris Vig: we’ll start on questions in a second. If you have any, IM me and I’ll call on you
[18:32] Morris Vig: FYI – ArtWorld’s blog:
[18:32] Filthy Fluno: madcow…
[18:32] Filthy Fluno: its actually
[18:32] Filthy Fluno: but anyway
[18:33] Filthy Fluno: i listen to how to make your art grow in value
[18:33] Filthy Fluno: how to make good decisions
[18:33] Filthy Fluno: that will help me market my art
[18:33] Filthy Fluno: as far as my art “being good?
[18:34] Filthy Fluno: well… i know i work my ass off to make it
[18:34] Sky Hye: It’s good
[18:34] Cheen Pitney: ye of the geholder
[18:34] Morris Vig: agreed
[18:34] Cheen Pitney: eye
[18:34] Filthy Fluno: and when i see it, it makes me warm in the pants
[18:34] Filthy Fluno: so i know its done
[18:34] Morris Vig: OK got a question from Ludo. Any others with questions, IM me to get in line.
[18:34] Filthy Fluno: to me….
Success in SL Art - Photo by Alberto Solomon [18:35] Morris Vig: whoops sorry filthy
[18:35] Filthy Fluno: SL is AMAZING place to find art enthusiasts
[18:35] Cheen Pitney: and you have a good approech F
[18:35] Filthy Fluno: ok.. .i’m done.. hee hee
[18:35] Morris Vig: Ludo?
[18:35] Filthy Fluno: yes i do cheen
[18:35] Filthy Fluno: fire away ludo
[18:35] Ludo Merit: y question. I create things that might be art, might be useful, might be both. Is it worth the trouble to sell them or won’t I make back the cost of the vendors?
[18:35] Ludo Merit: And what is the time-money tradeoff
[18:35] Cheen Pitney: you gotta try
[18:36] Cheen Pitney: if folks buy
[18:36] Ludo Merit: I have
[18:36] Filthy Fluno: i’d say you need to be in SL for at least 20 hours a week
[18:36] Cheen Pitney: keep it up
[18:36] Filthy Fluno: that’s what seems to work for me
[18:36] Ludo Merit: I am
[18:36] Morris Vig: why 20, filthy?
[18:36] Ludo Merit: But not just working on art
[18:36] Filthy Fluno: well… you gotta never shutup about what you do
[18:36] Filthy Fluno: that’s my secret mostly
[18:36] Ludo Merit: Good point
[18:36] Cheen Pitney: and be seen
[18:37] Morris Vig: Be seen?
[18:37] Cheen Pitney: your art and YOU
[18:37] Filthy Fluno: i assume everyone will be excited to see my messy drawings about SL people, places, and events
[18:37] Filthy Fluno: i am my art
[18:37] Cheen Pitney: once again cast a wide net
[18:37] Morris Vig: How do YOU “be seen”?
[18:37] Filthy Fluno: points to his title
[18:37] Ludo Merit: I am being seen herre and I am wearing a product of my art
[18:37] Filthy Fluno: great! you’re on your way then
[18:37] Cheen Pitney: and you must get into malls
[18:37] Cheen Pitney: god forbid
[18:38] Ludo Merit: Shameless plug
[18:38] Cheen Pitney: where folks are
[18:38] Ludo Merit: That costs money
[18:38] Cheen Pitney: even if only one in a hundred likes you
[18:38] Cheen Pitney: agreed
[18:38] Filthy Fluno: gotta pay to play i think
[18:38] Cheen Pitney: we were all lucky lets face it
[18:38] Ludo Merit: I’m way in the hole right now
[18:38] Cheen Pitney: folks like our stuff
[18:38] Filthy Fluno: if you’re way in the hole, maybe you need to stop, reassess
[18:39] Cheen Pitney: are you in slx
[18:39] Cheen Pitney: its free
[18:39] Morris Vig: slx =
[18:39] Ludo Merit: Good point, Cheen
[18:39] Filthy Fluno: oh!
[18:39] Filthy Fluno: and my all means.. get a gallery and do events
[18:39] Cheen Pitney: yes
[18:39] Filthy Fluno: you gotta do events if you’re an artist
[18:40] Gracie Kendal: absolutely
[18:40] Cheen Pitney: and join galleries
[18:40] Gracie Kendal: and collaborate
[18:40] Gracie Kendal: with musicians,
[18:40] Ludo Merit: Are events something like book signings?
[18:40] Morris Vig: on that front, Xander has a question
[18:40] Gracie Kendal: can think of
[18:40] Cheen Pitney: approach owners
[18:40] Filthy Fluno: yes ludo
[18:40] Madcow Cosmos: I think you are crazy if you are not at the events, they are fun in and of themselves
[18:40] Filthy Fluno: fire away xander
[18:40] Ludo Merit: Thanks all
[18:40] Filthy Fluno: totally madcow
[18:40] Morris Vig: (BTW, Xander’s Cetus District was the #1 arts venue in the Corsa Guide poll. congrats!)
[18:40] Cheen Pitney: I talk to mall owneres and say do you want a massive prim sculpture hahaha
[18:40] Xander Ruttan: In the RL art world, a very negative perception exists about self promotion. What can SL artists do to counteract the negatives of going it alone without representation?
[18:41] Scarp Godenot: Good job xander.
[18:41] Xander Ruttan: thanks Morris
[18:41] Filthy Fluno: they can stick it out
[18:41] Cheen Pitney: well I have an agent
[18:41] Filthy Fluno: and be successful artists
[18:41] Morris Vig: you do, Cheen?
[18:41] Cheen Pitney: and he works for me
[18:41] Cheen Pitney: yes
[18:41] Morris Vig: had no idea
[18:41] Cheen Pitney: folks find him and he brings them
[18:41] Filthy Fluno: and if you can’t stick it out on your own, or find an agent… then just do SL for fun
[18:42] Cheen Pitney: not for everyone of course
[18:42] Gracie Kendal: I think it depends on where you show…in Rl….
[18:42] Cheen Pitney: exactly thats why we all started
[18:42] Cheen Pitney: and are still here … funn
[18:42] Gracie Kendal: And who givves that nevative perception of self promotion???
[18:42] Gracie Kendal: theelite galleries, saatchi,…etc
[18:42] Morris Vig: Gracie, Xander’s question runs up your alley as you market pretty hard. How do you self-promote and keep a positive perception?
[18:42] Filthy Fluno: gracie
[18:42] Filthy Fluno: the people that make money off of selling your art
[18:43] Filthy Fluno: that’s who
[18:43] Gracie Kendal: Artnews magazine has an artists directory twice a year that you can put yoru own art in
[18:43] Filthy Fluno: great idea gracie
[18:43] Filthy Fluno: not too expensive either
[18:43] Morris Vig: Excellent call.
[18:44] Gracie Kendal: well…I am just starting to promote myself in RL honestly..I have been goign to school so long…
[18:44] Gracie Kendal: after this great reception here….I am workign on RL…
[18:44] Gracie Kendal: but…its not the same…
[18:44] Cheen Pitney: thats another way to succeess being mentioned in publications
[18:44] Gracie Kendal: I have submitted to juried art competitions..and
[18:44] Gracie Kendal: been rejected many times
[18:44] Filthy Fluno: and not only to get published… you need to publicize your publicity!
[18:44] Ludo Merit chuckles
[18:45] Gracie Kendal: yes, absolutely…
[18:45] Filthy Fluno: for example…
[18:45] Gracie Kendal: which I am starrting to do…
[18:45] Morris Vig: Scarp – You’re up. What’s on your mind?
[18:45] Scarp Godenot: Yeah, what is a good size for a decent gallery, 512 seems too small….
[18:46] Morris Vig: what type of art, Scarp?
[18:46] Filthy Fluno: well
[18:46] Cheen Pitney: 2d its fine
[18:46] Madcow Cosmos: I have a few pieces under 512 prims
[18:46] Gracie Kendal: I think, honestly…getting in with a group gallery here is a good way to start
[18:46] Morris Vig: lol MC
[18:46] Cheen Pitney: yes
[18:46] Gracie Kendal: Find out how the advertise
[18:47] Gracie Kendal: what kind of events they have
[18:47] Gracie Kendal: do they publicize in SL magazines..etc
[18:47] Morris Vig: (or don’t have)
[18:47] Filthy Fluno: heehee
[18:47] Cheen Pitney: and dont be afraed to offer freebees
[18:47] Gracie Kendal: yes..Morris
[18:47] Gracie Kendal: Yes, give away yoru art….
[18:47] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:47] Max Janick: worked for radiohead
[18:47] Filthy Fluno: freebies?
[18:47] Gracie Kendal: LOL true
[18:47] Cheen Pitney: everyone who sees it might want one
[18:47] Ludo Merit: Yeah, give away your art, Filthy
[18:47] Cylindrian Rutabaga: freebies in exchange for what
[18:47] Max Janick: publicity
[18:48] Cylindrian Rutabaga: radiohead already is wellknown
[18:48] Gracie Kendal: absolutely
[18:48] Cylindrian Rutabaga: jo blow
[18:48] Filthy Fluno: nope
[18:48] Cylindrian Rutabaga: maybe not
[18:48] Gracie Kendal: goes back to word of mouth
[18:48] Max Janick: they are, but they paid no marketing costs for In Rainbows
[18:48] Max Janick: yet they had more articles worldwide than anyone else that week
[18:48] Gracie Kendal: I have people tell me all the time…my friend has a couple pieces…where is that for sale???
[18:48] Gracie Kendal: I love that
[18:48] Filthy Fluno: i have got feedback that…
[18:49] Filthy Fluno: if its free? is it valuable?
[18:49] Gracie Kendal: another thing we havent talked about is copies vs originals…
[18:49] Cheen Pitney: well the prime stuff aint free
[18:49] Filthy Fluno: let’s talk about the whole freebie thing though
[18:49] Filthy Fluno: seriously
[18:49] Gracie Kendal: very my art valuable..because I sell copies….
[18:49] Gracie Kendal: ?
[18:49] Cheen Pitney: its like an appetizer
Success in SL Art - Photograph by Alberto Solomon [18:49] Cheen Pitney: you like this free one
[18:50] Filthy Fluno: yes.. but what if someone is in LOVE with the free one
[18:50] Cheen Pitney: wait till you see what you get for lindes
[18:50] Filthy Fluno: and the expensive one sucks to them
[18:50] Gracie Kendal: Ans will my new stuff be valuable if I start sellling limited editions?
[18:50] Ludo Merit: Lucky art buyer
[18:50] Madcow Cosmos: If peple want to carry around an advertizement for me I’m not one to complain
[18:50] Filthy Fluno: lol
[18:50] Cheen Pitney: as long as thy dont make babies hahaha
[18:50] Filthy Fluno: what are they advertising i guess is imporatnt
[18:50] Filthy Fluno: i used to do stuff for free in exchange for “promotions”
[18:51] Filthy Fluno: and i’d say 90% of the time it didn’t work
[18:51] Ludo Merit nods.
[18:51] Morris Vig: huh – who knew?
[18:51] Filthy Fluno: again… this SL art scene isn’t for everyone!
[18:51] Morris Vig: Apologies to Alberto – apparently I didn’t get his IM. Must be the O.B. lag. Alberto – please go ahead….
[18:51] Cheen Pitney: well you have a good one going now
[18:51] Alberto Salomon: thanks, what do you think is more importqnt now, to import RL art into SL or th eother way round?
[18:52] Morris Vig: can you do it the other way around?
[18:52] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[18:52] Filthy Fluno: i do it
[18:52] Cheen Pitney: well agaain its different for sculptors
[18:52] Morris Vig: good point Cheen
[18:52] Cheen Pitney: we are here and here only…mostly
[18:52] Cheen Pitney: check my blog lol
[18:52] Madcow Cosmos: Stupid RL gravity is always getting me down
[18:52] Filthy Fluno: i make art about SL stuff.. import it into SL.. then export it into RL
[18:52] Morris Vig: URL, please, Cheen?
[18:52] Morris Vig: lol MC.
[18:53] Cyanide Seelowe: they have CNC machines that can replicate sculptures from virtual worlds.
[18:53] Gracie Kendal: yea, but thats different Filthy
[18:53] Gracie Kendal: because its still RL work
[18:53] Cheen Pitney: in my profile
[18:53] Filthy Fluno: its RL but would not exist without SL
[18:53] Gracie Kendal: I have used SL images in my collages….
[18:53] Gracie Kendal: but..they would exist a different way otherwise
[18:53] Cheen Pitney: I urge you to check out Filthys method
[18:53] Cheen Pitney: very cool
[18:53] Gracie Kendal: they woudl still exxist tho
[18:54] Filthy Fluno: gracie.. i totally disagree with that my friend
[18:54] Filthy Fluno: it would be something else
[18:54] Gracie Kendal: geesh..typo lag
[18:55] Gracie Kendal: Well, I did say that…but yo woudl just have other inspiraation
[18:55] Filthy Fluno: i’m not laggin… i’m just a little hopped up on the tequila
[18:55] Filthy Fluno: weeeeeee!
[18:55] Filthy Fluno: oh! and another very important thing
[18:55] Filthy Fluno: don’t take stuff TOOOO seriously in here
[18:55] Filthy Fluno: i mean
[18:55] Filthy Fluno: a sense of humor and giving people the benefit of the doubt is crucial sometimes
[18:55] Filthy Fluno: like that dude that was here earlier
[18:55] Cheen Pitney: I agree
[18:55] Filthy Fluno: metalmouth
[18:56] Filthy Fluno: is he still here?
[18:56] Cheen Pitney: hes madcows cousin
[18:56] Gracie Kendal: lol
[18:56] Cheen Pitney: hahaha
[18:56] Madcow Cosmos: SL it just another media I don’t know how important it is to translate things between different one. Do we really need to dance about every painting? Importing and exporting art is great as long as it meetsa need to do so
[18:56] Morris Vig: agreed, MC…’s the beauty and creativity of art.
[18:56] Filthy Fluno: i don’t agree with that
[18:57] Filthy Fluno: SL is not just another media
[18:57] Filthy Fluno: it has millions of people in here
[18:57] Filthy Fluno: interacting
[18:57] Gracie Kendal: It Absolutely is
[18:57] Filthy Fluno: it is a new media
[18:57] Filthy Fluno: but so much more
[18:57] Filthy Fluno: not JUST a new media
[18:57] Morris Vig: but as a set of tools, it is a media.
[18:57] Gracie Kendal: Of course its more than that too
[18:57] Cheen Pitney: its a wonderland
[18:57] Gracie Kendal: yes
[18:57] Filthy Fluno: i love it
[18:57] Morris Vig: A prim, a paintbrush….all tools
[18:57] Filthy Fluno: it has changed my life
[18:58] Filthy Fluno: hugs his laptop
[18:58] Morris Vig: certainly there is the social aspect….no denying that.
[18:58] Ludo Merit chuckles, ditto Filthy
[18:58] Gracie Kendal: Without SL I woudl never have met such creative amazign people
[18:58] Cheen Pitney: from all over the world
[18:59] Morris Vig: Let’s open up the floor one last time. We’ve got a wonderful panel, and they’re interesting in answering your questions and providing insight. Don’t miss the opportunty!
[18:59] Morris Vig: Let’s try this
[18:59] Cheen Pitney: MC has gone turtle
[18:59] Terje Chengpang: thank you all for putting this together!
[18:59] Gracie Kendal: Your very welcome
[19:00] Gracie Kendal: I will say one thing./….
[19:00] Gracie Kendal: Success in Sl is about workign together…
[19:00] Morris Vig: If you had 1 suggestion to leave people with to be “more successful” in SL art – what would it be?
[19:00] Morris Vig: there ya go, G
[19:00] Gracie Kendal: Collaboration amngst the gallerys….
[19:00] Gracie Kendal: amongst the artists…
[19:00] Gracie Kendal: and the patrons
[19:00] Gracie Kendal: thats what makes Sl successful..and hopefully will contnue to do so
[19:00] Filthy Fluno: i’d say make the best art you know how and never shutup about it
[19:01] Morris Vig: great point
[19:01] Morris Vig: Cheen, got a pointer?
[19:01] Filthy Fluno: maybe that’s two things
[19:01] Cheen Pitney: id say enjoy what you are doing
[19:01] Scarp Godenot: So is it more important to put your gallery in a sim with other artists do you think?
[19:01] Filthy Fluno: ha!
[19:01] Filthy Fluno: what up brian
[19:01] Cheen Pitney: and if you make linden more power ti ]o ya
[19:01] Madcow Cosmos: Darn crashed before I could hear filthy’s response
[19:01] Filthy Fluno: madcow
[19:01] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[19:02] Filthy Fluno: i said just keep your eye on the prize… make the best art you can and don’t shutup about it
[19:02] Morris Vig: got an anonymous question from the gallery: just how do you 4 define “art” in SL?
[19:02] Gracie Kendal: LOL
[19:02] Morris Vig: yeah, leave the softballs for last
[19:02] Gracie Kendal: There are so many answers to that
[19:02] Gracie Kendal: Sl is a piece of art in itself
[19:02] Madcow Cosmos: Art to me is any creation proccess that couldn’t be defined as craftsmanship alone.
[19:03] Gracie Kendal: You cant even say that anymore Madcow
[19:03] Morris Vig: so RL…SL….doesn’t matter, MC?
[19:03] Cheen Pitney: yes its all art here
[19:03] Filthy Fluno: art makes me feel different than i did before i seen it
[19:03] Gracie Kendal: Its much more
[19:03] Filthy Fluno: in RL and SL
[19:04] Morris Vig: good points all
[19:04] Madcow Cosmos: RL SL are part of the same same picture
[19:04] Gracie Kendal: Yes, for me too
[19:04] Gracie Kendal: I don’t hide who aiI am
[19:05] Morris Vig: ….and I had budgeted an hour, more or less. Looks like we reached that point. Let’s all show our panelists our appreciation!
[19:05] Cheen Pitney: thanks for coming folks
[19:05] Terje Chengpang: wootz!
[19:05] Sunn Thunders: claps…
[19:05] Morris Vig: yes, thank you…
[19:05] Sabine Stonebender rang Sabine Stonebender’s Bell!
[19:05] Gracie Kendal: Thank you very much fir listening to our ranting …hehe
[19:05] Cyanide Seelowe: hooray!
[19:05] Cheen Pitney: hahah
[19:05] Jordan Morgenrote: thanks u guys!
[19:05] PleaseWakeMeUp Idler: thank thank thank you!!!
[19:05] Filthy Fluno: i say.. thank you Morris
[19:05] Scarp Godenot: Let me ask again: do you think it is important to form gallery districts in the same sim or can you successfully locate anywhere?
[19:05] Corcosman Voom: Thank you all very much!!!
[19:05] Madcow Cosmos: Thanks for coming all
[19:05] Callipygian Christensen: thanks panelists
[19:05] Cheen Pitney: many of you could have been up here
[19:05] Filthy Fluno: THANK YOU MORRIS!
[19:05] Filthy Fluno: THANK YOU MORRIS
[19:05] Morris Vig: In wrapping up, let me share a thought about success from my point of view. I’m all about bringing people together. Whether its an event, a Christmas Tree, or an ArtTalk, it’s enjoyable. So, for that, I thank you all for coming. This event, and the dialogue generated, is a success in my mind. Enjoy your evening!
[19:05] IanLee Patton: hoora
[19:06] Filthy Fluno: morris
[19:06] Gracie Kendal: Perfect Morris :))
[19:06] Terje Chengpang: rock on SL artists!
[19:06] Filthy Fluno: where can we get the transcript
[19:06] Cheen Pitney: thanks Morris
[19:06] Filthy Fluno: for people who couldn’t make it
[19:06] Morris Vig: I’ll post it on my blog
[19:06] Morris Vig:
[19:06] Delia Lake: thank you Morris

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  1. This is very insightful, wish i was there. Kudos to the Panelists and to Oyster Bay for holding this discussion.. I look forward to attending any more that may pop up in the future.


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