Yes, Virginia, I erred. Really, I did.

From Sledge Roffo, in reply to my post on his Gallery of the Minotaur:

Hey Morris. I appreciate your coverage of my gallery. I read with interest that you usually don’t cover work that isn’t done Inworld.

You apparently didn’t realize that my work is authentic to Second Life. I don’t use Photoshop. I may crop a picture or use contrast but I am using the SL camera to take pictures of my sculptures. Its called Primagery and there are examples here in Flickr.

Anyway, I’m glad you appreciate my gallery creation. Maybe you can return and take a closer look at what it houses. I’d sure appreciate it and would be glad to demonstrate for you how my work is absolutely created Inworld with twisted prims and virtually no augmentation.


So it is cleared up.   Apologies to Sledge.   What can I say, the pieces I saw on the wall didn’t appear to be inworld photos.

It still is a very nice build, IMHO.