Art walkabout: The Gallery of the Minotaur

I don’t really discuss artwork that wasn’t generated inworld (as in SL sculpture or inworld photography), but this place demands commentary not for the art (which is quite nice) by Sledge Roffo but rather for the gallery building itself. Sledge just rebuilt his gallery in a Mondrian- inspired style that gives the visitor the feel that they are walking THROUGH a piece of art. Quite creative – and while many have tried to do this type of thing, Roffo pulls it off in a way that is both functional and fun.
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  1. Morris, I have been representing Sledge since January of this year, and I hope when you refer to “not discussing artwork that was not generated inworld,” I hope you are refering to someone other then Sledge, for I can guarentee you that his works are only created in Second Life and that there are no Real Life alterations of his works. THat aside, thank you for your comments on his gallery, I think you hit the mark exactly when you say that to visit the Gallery of the Minotaur is to walk into a Mondraine work of art! Thanks for recognizing one of the new inspirations in the art world in Second Life!

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