The wierdness that is Bay City, part deux

Well, THIS has been an interesting 24+ hours on the blog.  Never mind the avi who got banned by the mall cops.  Never mind the podcasters who were – um – tormenting the same folks.  Never mind that traffic for the first posting in this now-truncated series has sent my traffic numbers sky-high.

Photo taken by Bodhisatva Paperclip in Bay City-Argos - Posted on Snapzilla

Photo taken by Bodhisatva Paperclip in Bay City-Argos & posted on Snapzilla

The important thing is that, from a mass population point of view on this matter of governance, the ideas set forth pretty much crashed and burned over the weekend.  So this Metaverse Republic stuff is pretty much moot.

Rather than whip this dead horse, I’ll share public comments from an interested party, Bay City resident Tim Vantelli.  Tim’s comments (which were copied from a Bay City Alliance bulletin board on the issue) pretty much speak for me, too.  I don’t know the guy, but he’s pretty clear-headed in his thoughts.

Dear All,

First, let me introduce myself. I am just an ordinary member of the human race with a computer and a Second Life account who is also the proud virtual owner of a piece of virtual land in a virtual region called Bay City. In this regard I assume I am just the same as everyone else on this group list.

As we are all aware, Bay City is a piece of virtual mainland administered and governed by a real life corporation called Linden Labs who provide a virtual world called Second Life for us to indulge ourselves in on our computers once in a while. Second life is not real life. It doesn’t really exist. it’s a virtual world. A computer game of sorts. Sorry for stating the obvious. And Bay City is a virtual region in a virtual world and as such is identical to many other virtual mainland regions that exist in this Second Life game we like to play. Sorry for stating the obvious again.

So why am I writing this note and what is my point other than stating the obvious I hear you scream!

I am writing this note because I am becoming concerned. I am becoming concerned at what I am hearing in this group’s notices and what other Second Life residents are telling me. I am not normally one for ever standing up and complaining or speaking my mind. I’m British for crying out loud and I usually keep very quiet and accept everything that goes on without the slightest complaint! However this time I do not want to remain the silent majority because I have a feeling that if I do then life here in this little part of this virtual world might just change for the worse and I will not enjoy indulging myself here any more like I used to. I would very much like to attend the group meetings that I note are becoming more and more frequent and voice my concerns there but unfortunately this is extremely difficult for me due to time zone issues and real life commitments which is why I am resorting to sending a group notice in order to express my personal opinions. For this I apologise.

So now let me get to the point I want to make. If I wanted to buy some virtual land where I could guarantee some community conformity, some regulations on what my virtual neighbours could virtually build next door to me, if I was happy for someone in virtual “authority” to tell me I could not texture my virtual property bright luminous green or cover my virtual ground with virtual snow then I would spend my precious money on some virtual land on a private island where the region owner could provide this authority and this conformity for me. However I have chosen to invest my money on a piece of Second Life virtual mainland where I accept that the only authority that exists is that of Linden Labs through their normal terms of use, code of conduct, and complaints procedure. That is my choice and as such I share it with every one of you as owners of Bay City virtual mainland.

As much as I love Bay City’s theme, its waterways and streets, I would feel abhorrent to anyone inflicting a level of authority over it that was extra to the controls that already exist in Second Life for every other mainland region and resident. If those controls existed then it would simply not be Second Life for me any more. Bay City is a virtual piece of Second Life mainland, it does not need a mayor, a parliament, a law court, a police department or any other virtual creation by individuals who attempt to apply REAL tangible control and conformity over other Second Life residents. Play at being policemen, mayors, judges and lawyers as much as you want but don’t try to make it real in this virtual world we share. The day we allow people acting out their fantasies here in Second Life to inflict real control and not virtual control over other residents will be a very sad day indeed in my honest opinion.

This is just my personal opinion. Nothing more. I would like to voice it in person on Sunday 1st March at 11am PDT but I will be unable to. If someone could suggest a formal mechanism by which non-attendees of meetings could express their opinions and that minutes of meetings could be recorded and distributed then that would be fantastic.

Best regards,

Tim Vantelli

Case closed.  Now that we’re done eating our own, what are we going to do about getting a little more traffic in our corner of the grid?