What are your “go-to” Second Life art blogs?

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things Second Life-wise.  Part of that is cleaning up the blogroll to reflect the current world of Second Life-related art and artisans.

I’ve pared back the dead/inactive blogs and sites…now it’s time to populate it with the newer entries. For that, I need your help.

What blogs do you look to in order to keep abreast of the Second Life art scene?  Whose artisan blogs do you enjoy reading?  Let me know in the comments (with links, please!), and I’ll add them to the lists on the left-hand-column!

In solidarity with the people of Iran

Second Arts - Iran solidarity

Refreshing the Blogroll…help!

A quick stroll through the blog to read Nazz’s great new piece  revealed a neglected Blogroll of GREAT Second Life-related arts (both visual and music) blogs.  So it’s time to update it.

Any suggestions for additions/subtractions from the readers?  Post your ideas in the comments!

Photobook: “Changing Hues” opening party

What a great couple of hours!  Thanks to Phinn for making this afternoon in Second Life so enjoyable.  And you to EVERYONE for coming!  (If you showed up, I probably snapped a photo of you…)

“Changing Hues” opens Saturday!



featuring Phinn Boffin

Saturday, February 7 – Noon PST

Second Arts photography gallery is pleased to welcome Phinn Boffin in a rare exhibition of her inworld photography, “Changing Hues.” Please join us at a reception for Phinn as we celebrate the opening of her show. Over three and a half years’ worth of experience in virtual photography has culminated in this collection of over 30 pieces, most of which show off the unretouched vision of the pixie photographer. It’s a magical vision, from one of SL’s great creative minds.  Please join us!

The next Second Arts show is set!


Maria Maria by Phinn Boffin, from her Flickr photostream

Maria Maria by Phinn Boffin, from her Flickr photostream

With a scheduled opening for February 7 at noon SL time, we’re going to have a show by SL photographer Phinn Boffin!


Check out her Flickr photostream here.

Can’t wait to see what she has in store for the gallery…

Carlotta Ceawlin’s Second Arts show – A tour de force

Perhaps the greatest unanticipated benefit of the Second Arts “Bay City Visions” photo contest was the incredible talent that just came out of nowhere and amazed judges and visitors alike.  Chief among them is someone I did not know (and still barely know), German avatar Carlotta Ceawlin.  Her contest-winning photo is on the cover of the “Bay City Visions” book, of which she received a courtesy copy from yours truly.  She also had a one-month show at Second Arts, one that is closing tomorrow.

In retrospect, I did Carlotta a disservice by going on a (badly needed) vacation in the middle of January.  I hope everyone had a chance to see Carlotta works.  If you didn’t, I took photos of the displays and present them as a 31-slide display for posterity, and to inspire inworld photographers to push the boundaries…because, as Carlotta shows time after time, you can make incredible artwork with images from the grid.

Enjoy…and thank you, Carlotta!