Jonah Zenovka appointed new COO of Cetus Gallery District

Terrific news for a good guy and one of SL’s most important art communities…


27 Jan 09


TO: All Cetus Community Members

FROM: Xander Ruttan

RE: Appointment of Chief Operating Officer


As many of you know, Jonah Zenovka, Cetus Ruttan Association Vice President, has demonstrated a longstanding concern for and leadership within the Cetus community.  His example of community service has been evident here since joining the community in 2007.  What many of you may not see is that his exemplary spirit of service is manifested in his RL activities as well, as he effectively serves in leadership roles for many community service organizations that benefit from his mix of creative vision and hands-on effort.

Because my own RL professional commitments have increased greatly, particularly in recent months, I must be away from SL.  So effective today, I am expanding Jonah’s role to become Chief Operating Officer of Cetus Gallery District.  Please join me in congratulating him on his promotion as we begin a new chapter in the growth of Cetus, and expect the announcement of additional changes in coming weeks.

While I must be away by necessity, Jonah and I are in near-daily communication. So please know that any business or community life concerns will be addressed promptly.  Please direct your ideas, comments and concerns to him.  

Thank you for being an important part of Cetus Gallery District.


Xander [Ruttan]

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