Brand madness

Linden Lab announced a new policy on the use of its trademarked brandReuters regurgitates it here.

Raul Crimson is confused by it.   The Secondlife Newspaper (Good luck keeping that name on your publication!) offers a wee bit of insight that sanity could prevail.  Vint Falken suggests both the silliness and the reality of the situation.  New World Notes runs down the wider blog reaction.

I saw the notice last night and posted my “Legalese” page at the top of the blog.  Hope that covers the bases.

For my money, though, Wrestling Hulka has the best response.

(Anyone want to guess that Richard Minsky/Artworld Market’s trademarking of the term SLART might have been a precipitating factor?)

2 Responses

  1. “Lastly, I complain because I love. Linden Lab, please take note before persecuting me. It’s users like me that give your lifeless grid its soul.”

    Bravo, Morris. Well said.

    Princess Ivory

  2. Personally i don’t have a problem using the isSL™ logo (actually, i’m using it right now) and i think the trademarking of the SLART word was a factor to push Linden Lab to act this way. And i understand the need of LL to protect their brands of this kind of trademarking, as we all try to protect from copybot, for example, but they went “from zero to bitch in 1.2 seconds”.

    The problem right now is that the information is really confused and some residents may have legal problems with it, maybe not you, but i remember the blog of Crap Mariner which URL is some like secondlife.isfullofcrap.

    I asked Torley Linden to do a videotutorial about all this (not a joke, i really did it, lol).

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