Inworld photography at Angel and Halo Galleries

A brief artsy walkabout led me to the Angel & Halo Galleries. I knew that Talia Fournier, whose works I enjoy, was showing….and her display lived up to expectations. Ro Gastel also caught my eye. Check them both out in the slideshow, and stop by the gallery to see their works up close (as you really should see them…the detail is something else!).

Walkabout: Morris of Arabia

I had a couple hours this morning to go back out on walkabout, and I stumbled upon a vendor who sold this awesome Arabic/Turkish-looking scarf, wonderfully sculpted and textured.  Such a prize is worthy of a few snapshots, perhaps a slight tribute to Peter O’Toole…

These shots were taken with Kirstenlee Cinquetti’s retired SL shadow viewer and Fraps.

My trip through Syncretia

Alpha Auer has made a visually stunning sim in Syncretia.  It’s one of those rare places that doesn’t try to remake real life on the grid but rather plays with impressions and evokes moods.  In this case, the mood is a little dark…which plays well in Second Life ™.

Here’s a photologue of my travels around the sim.  As I said, it’s a dark sim…and I tried to use the darkness as a photo tool and not an obstacle.  Still, it may come out dark to you.  Let’s hope it works!

FYI, the last couple slideshows were created using the Polaroid HUD from Burt Laundry.  It should surprise no regular reader of this blog that this store is located in a Japanese sim!

Walkabout: Building as art

The building tools of Second Life make it easy to build boxes, create structures that are perfectly level and design spaces with perfect symmetry. It’s rare to find a builder who’s able to literally skew the box to make a more interesting space. ebisuya Spork offers up a very impressive build in Pigeon’s – a prefab store/art space/clothing store (love the diversity of SL creative minds!).

This property is located in an amazing multi-sim project owned by “Metabirds,” what appears to be a Japanese metaverse development company. Yeah, I’m still trolling around the Japanese sims, and this is one of the best collections that I’ve seen. Were they an inspiration for Bay City?
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Walkabout: MoShang Zhao at his Comfort Zone

After another big day at RL work, I arrived home (too late, really) to see that MoShang Zhao was playing a gig at his SL residence, “MoShang’s Comfort Zone.” It’s always great to hear my friend from Taiwan. He’s added backing tracks for a few new songs – or at least pieces that I don’t recall hearing before.

Such a wonderful talent…It’s always a treat to spend time listening to MoShang’s Chinese Chill. I always leave in such a better frame of mind!
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Walkabout treats: New clothes and cats

A unique joy of the walkabout is that you find such great stuff along the way. By way of The AvaStar, I found SHIKI. This grey suit appears to have a safari- or “Hawaiian”-themed trim. There are lots of great combinations to this – I count 5 jacket layers, 3 distinct shirt colors and 2 types of pants. Not bad!

As for the leopard, that’s by Gry Horus of AE Industries. I picked up a panther, too. They’re so well done…the textures carry the pieces. I’m thrilled to have them in my collection!  Come see the leopard at Second Arts.
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Walkabout: Reflecting on the docks in Silent Hill

Apparently, there was a movie by this name and inspired the sim. I look at it as a decent urban build – with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. I wish the buildings were better-stocked, but the exteriors make great backdrops.
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