Ub Yifu’s “Christ the Redeemer”

A towering piece, watching over the RJ City sim like the real statue stands over Rio de Janiero.
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Ub Yifu

I ran into Ub today, and he’s wearing an avatar designed by Tooter Claxton. What a great one – I just had to take a snapshot!
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Best of SL Art 2007

Per Enniv Zarf’s collaborative effort with Cyanide Seelowe, published at Krystal Epic:

Best of SL Art - Cover

Winners after the fold…

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SAVE LAUK’S NEST: Celebrating a jewel of Second Life

Save Lauk’s Nest

The drive to save Lauk’s Nest from doom as a result of the sudden European Value Added Tax policy imposed by Linden Lab continues in the best way that the Second Life art community knows how – with an awareness-building art show and music event!

Come join us on Saturday, 6 October at Lauk’s Nest in Second Life’s Alviso sim for an afternoon (evening, if you’re in Europe) of joyous activism as we try to rally resident support for this wonderful place in Second Life.

Artists – visual and musical – will be added throughout the course of the week, so check back in for an updated list of event.


  • Alizarin Goldflake
  • Taxus Gustafson
  • Xenophile Neurocam
  • Yarosh Nohkan
  • Cyanide Seelowe
  • Sabine Stonebender
  • Gore Suntzu
  • Sunn Thunders
  • elros Tuominen
  • Morris Vig
  • Breeze Winnfield
  • Ub Yifu
  • More to come!


  • 11:00-11:30 AM SLT – Andreus Gustafson
  • 11:3 AM0-Noon SLT – MoShang Zhao
  • Noon-2PM SLT – DJ Doubledown Tandino

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Ub Yifu moves to sculpture recreations – does Degas!

New SL sculptor Ub Yifu, who rose to prominence recreating classic RL paintings in the 3D evironment of Second Life, has moved to creating SL versions of classic RL sculptures. One of his first, his version of Degas’ “Tiny Dancer,” just was placed on display at Oyster Bay yesterday.

You are invited to view this incredible sculpture, which uses subtle flexi prims to bring the piece alive in the SL outdoors.

Enjoy this fine piece – a worthy lead-in to “Hidden Starax!”

New works at Oyster Bay

Watch for a grand re-opening celebration at the totally rebuilt Oyster Bay soon….but, for now, make sure you don’t miss these new sculptures by some of Second Life’s most creative minds:

Baba Bu – Flaming Sculptie Fountain

Cheen Pitney – CLOWN

Sabine Stonebender – ebb & flow…

…and Tesla Ball-Traveller, also by Sabine

Ub Yifu – Nu antique

Also, Isolde Flamand offers her “Vintage” collection at the new Second Arts Photography gallery at Oyster Bay.

Visit…enjoy…get inspired.

Six new pieces at Oyster Bay

Since the Spring show opened, we’ve had a few additions to the Oyster Bay portfolio. These are too new for the upcoming Oyster Bay machinima, but they’re all worth coming by and checking out.

First, Rezago Kokorin’s Science & Industry – a fascinating kinetic piece where the golden strips “tumble” inside their respective cylinders. It’s a pleasure to watch this, as Rezago combined the elements of flexible prims with kinetic scripting for a unique effect.

Science and Industry

Sabine Stonebender offers a couple unique pieces from her collection, the playful Love of Family (featuring brand-new sculpted heart prims) and her Kaleidoscope – s piece that combines her custom-made textures with sophisticated usage of minimal scripts. SL artists who want to integrate scripting into their artwork would do well to spend an hour at Sabine’s knee and listen. In my mind, she and Sasun Steinbeck are the masters in the world of scripted artwork.

Love of Family and Kaleidoscope

Next up, Breeze Winnfield takes a Sabine texture and turns it into a gorgeous, spinning Plasma Pirouette.

Plasma Pirouette

New (to SL) artist Ub Yifu contacted me out of nowhere and offered his 3D recreations of real life masterworks. We chose to display his interactive version of Matisse’s Blue Nude. Yes, I mean interactive; you can actually walk inside the sculpture kiosk and look at the piece in three dimensions. What a creative idea – meaningfully bridging the gap between real life and Second Life!

Blue nude

Lastly, your humble author offers up his brand new, 6-prim piece called Aqua. I’ve taken to exploring a few tracks simultaneously: 1) The torus prim as a sculpture tool, 2) the strategic use of particles to achieve dramatic effect (like with Signs of Life) and 3) combining texture, shine and bumpmapping in new and different ways. Aqua takes me a little further ahead on all fronts. Not symmetrical like Multicolor Twist or Three Colors, this one is a little more abstract as the aqua-blue-green-purple waves float toward the sky. You can see the particle burst in the image below, and the texture work was an absolute joy. I have a package of “synthetic” textures that I used on Multicolor Twist and Aqua and will likely draw upon that group as I stretch the color combinations beyond recognition. It might not look like much, but it’s pretty exciting for me. I hope you enjoy it and all the other, more legitimate, pieces that fill Oyster Bay.


[UPDATE: In response to a client request, I developed a version of the piece at 60% scale.  A little less grand, but certainly less imposing and more adaptable to a host of interior environments.]

Now, back to preparations for the Black Tie and Blues event!