The view from up here

With all that’s been alluded to, I suppose I’d best share a little of the excitement to come at Oyster Bay. So let me get positioned, and I’ll pull the curtain back for you…

There, that’s better! Why don’t you jump into “Moresville” for the scoop?

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“Reintroducing Second Arts Photography” recap

Honest, the best recap I’ve seen is at Isolde Flamand’s blog. She was the host of the event, which featured Jazz Calhern, Callipygian Christensen and Ty Ebisu. Over 60 people were in attendance over the course of the hour!

Of course, tons of photos were taken. Here are a few…starting with one by Daedalus Young:

Click on the thumbnails after the fold to see the full-size photos below, from Isolde Flamand, Jazz Calhern, Ty Ebiso and Seraphina Writer.

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TONIGHT: Reintroducing Second Arts Photography!

Don’t forget – 6:30-7:30 PM SLT tonight!  Meet Jazz Calhern, Ty Ebisu, Calligypian Christensen and Isodle Flamand — and discover their incredible new exhibits!

It’s the same building, but EVERYTHING inside is new!  Should be a great time.

Reintroducing Second Arts Photography

Live from 6:30-7:30PM Wednesday! Same building, new photography from multifaceted Jazz Calhern and Isolde Flamand, 20 new landscapes from Ty Ebisu and introducing a totally new marine collection from new Second Arts photographer and SL favorite Callipygian Christensen. We invite you to join us and share in the art of the SL photographic lens!

Ty Ebisu: New SL photo exhibit at Second Arts

God bless RL – I look away to tend to things earthly for a little while and find that an entire new exhibit opened up at Oyster Bay!

SL photographer Ty Ebisu replaced his entire collection at the Second Arts Photography gallery with 20 new pieces – each a unique and beautiful landscape or environmental photo. A unique point to Ty’s work is that he does NO touchup to the photos that he takes – meaning that he is meticulous in setting his scene and getting the lighting correct.

Isolde Flamand – quickly becoming the official photographer of Oyster Bay (a title she should share with Daedalus Young) – took these photos of Ty’s exhibit. But really, you need to stop by and look at them up close. This is some impressive work!

Recap: Second Arts Photography opening party

Under the haze of a Second Life grid that still has not fully recovered from the griefer attacks that took down 13 Relay For Life sims, the new Second Arts Photography gallery at Oyster Bay opened its – errr – doors (? – there are no doors in the place) to the public.

Somewhere around 40 people stopped by during the official hour-long grand opening…a really impressive crowd for such a relatively small facility! Jazz Calhern and Isolde Flamand, who split the first floor gallery space, were on hand to mingle with guests and answer questions about their style and process. I think both artists were pretty exhausted by the time was up, but they handled the crowds like professionals.

Guest reaction to all of the works, including Ty Ebisu and Paolo Bade’s, was overwhelmingly positive. And this wasn’t the typical platitudes – people were buying up pieces for themselves! With all of the styles on display, there was something for everyone – and also a very nice sampling of the different possibilities available in Second Life photography. Perhaps the best comment I heard all night was, “This show makes me want to run out and start taking some pictures!”

The building is quite cozy, as I mentioned, so I built a temporary extension on the second floor balcony over the walkway up to the gallery. DJ Doubledown Tandino set up shop there and played a set that started with some jazzier music. As the crowd filtered upstairs through the balcony to dance, he turned up the beats and gave the people some great club mixes. Nothing beats a party!

Here is Jazz Callhern (in the dress, in the front) and Isolde Flamand (in the pink pantsuit, in back) dancing the night away with the guests:

Doubledown had to leave at the eight o’clock hour to DJ another event, but he let us leave the feed on as he kept playing – this time, mixing the best electronic music of 1997! Ever the photographer, Isolde Flamand grabbed this photo from the party as we danced deep into the night:

Second Arts Photography grand opening by Isolde Flamand

A great night, a great gallery experience for all and four great photographers! If you haven’t stopped by to see Second Arts Photography, please do so!

[UPDATE: Doubledown posted an event mention on his site as well.  Thanks, DD!] 

Expanding the Second Arts

Second Arts Photography - Grand OpeningToday’s an exciting one for Oyster Bay, as we formally expand our presence in the SL art world into the world of SL photography.

“Wait,” I hear. “I thought you were a sculpture garden!” We still are – but we’re growing. Not just growing our inventory but also growing our outlook.

My feeling is that Oyster Bay has a wonderful niche. It started with sculpture – unique sculpture, using tools only available in Second Life, making artistic creations that cannot be transferred out of Second Life. (Of course, there are exceptions to the rule…nice work, Rezago!) I love SL sculpture art, and it will always be a staple at Oyster Bay. The sculpture work inspires artists and and represents the creative drive in SL..often giving innovators a platform to test new scripting, texture and building combinations.

But there’s more to SL art – and the other major arena is that of photography. Linden Lab put “Snapshots” right in the viewer; if I had to guess, it was probably intended as a social marketing tool for inworld SL’ers to try to share their SL experience with non-residents – perhaps enticing them to give SL a try themselves. Presuming it started that way, SL photography has come a very, very long way in a short time.

Snapshots now are artistic pieces to themselves, using the imagery that people see on their screens to share concepts, evoke emotions and display artistic capacity. It’s such a popular field that there is an entire website, Snapzilla, devoted to nothing but cataloguing SL photographs. (There’s a massive Flickr library too.) Sure, some of the snapshots on these sites are nothing more than people taking pics to document an occasion….but many are works of art in their own right. Beyond that, some people are taking those snapshots and touching them up with third party software like Photoshop, GIMP or and making masterpieces. But it all starts with the SL-generated snapshot.

And that’s what we’re going to promote at the new Second Arts Photography gallery – the impressive work that Second Life photographers are doing with their “lenses”. It’s not a giant gallery…certainly not intended to be the sole library of SL photography. For now (yeah, I’ve got expansion plans), it’ll focus on the works of 4 photo-artists, each with about 10 or so representative pieces on display.

For tonight’s grand opening, Second Arts Photography offers you four relatively new photographers, each with a unique eye and style:

  1. Paolo Bade – Offering a private collection of landscapes from the Wasteland sims
  2. Jazz Calhern – Stunning portrait work, using color and light in unique ways
  3. Ty Ebisu – Some of the best non-processed environmental and landscape work that I’ve seen
  4. Isolde Flamand – Shooting in an eclectic style, combining inworld candid shots and computer processing. Isolde also offers a series of “Close Up” pieces that we showcased in the old Oyster Bay Cafe – pieces that looked at the nuance of Second Life avatars.

Our grand opening is tonight at 7:00PM SLT. DJ Doubledown Tandino will be streaming his incredible deep house and funky jazz tunes onto the Oyster Bay properties. It’ll be a great time. Hope you can join us!