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…and one who I probably would like as well!  

Best of luck on the show!

Talk with the Artists: Gwen Carillion and Sunn Thunders on “Unity, A Blending of Spirit”

Photo courtesy of Sunn Thunders


From RobertSteven SmytheCurator of la Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia:

“Please join me in welcoming Gwen Carillon and Sunn Thunders to our Talk with the Artists Series. The event is Tuesday, October 7th from 4-5 pm SL time. They will be discussing their first time collaboration on the exhibition Unity, A Blending of Spirit and be giving a brief tour of Galerie de la Vie. Hope you can join us for this event.”

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Keeping up with Sunn Thunders

In case you haven’t followed Sunn’s blog (, he’s busy spending his summer mastering Photoshop Illustrator (thanks, Mr. Voom!).  And the results are gorgeous…

Southwest Abstract by Sunn Thunders

Southwest Abstract by Sunn Thunders

I can’t wait to see how this manifests itself on the grid.  Artwork?  New textures for building projects?

What fun to watch such a talented guy learn a skill on the fly!

Happy 2nd Rez Day, Sunn Thunders!

One of the all-time great guys on the Second Life grid, Sunn Thunders, is celebrating his 2nd Rez Day today. You might know him as an accomplished SL sculptor (and one of the earlier Oyster Bay artisans – the first to conduct an Oyster Bay ArtTalk and inspiration for the legendary Oyster Bay Balloon Festival); an inworld instructor who taught many, many avis how to make their way in the metaverse or just a good friend. Regardless, I’d be hard-pressed to think of a better person than Sunn.

I asked Sunn for a favorite photo of some of his SL artwork, and he sent along “Celebrate Earth Ice”:

If you want to see some incredible SL sculpture art and more, all with a distinctive American west/southwest flair, swing by his SunnTee Arts.

Happy Rez Day, Sunn!

Afterglow: Sunn Thunders’ photo from the First Anniversary

Oyster Bay 1st Anniversary by Sunn Thunders

A magical evening, indeed!

“TAGGED!” – 8 random facts about me

Having been tagged by Cheen Pitney, Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe, I guess I can’t hide from the blog trend of saying 8 random facts about yourself. So here we go…but I’m going to stick with Second Life as opposed to talking about my “Real Life.” In all honesty, my Second Life is much more interesting!

  1. I have 3 “alts.” One is a purple furry…he’s my accountant. One is my work alt (yeah, I have a little RL vocational bleedover…but not as much as I’d like). The other is my “peace and quiet” alt. Why 3? Because I don’t have 4…
  2. I blew off Orientation Island when I rezzed inworld over a year ago. And I don’t regret it.
  3. I won’t even acknowledge unsolicited teleport requests with a reply. In my opinion, that’s the height of SL rudeness.
  4. Perhaps my favorite HUD is the EmoterHUD. It’s a freebie, but it can make for entire minutes of fun as the user makes his/her avatar actually have something resembling human expressions. Case in point:
  5. I feel inferior to nearly all of the SL sculpture artists, photographers and machinimists with whom I interact, making my role as a “gallery” owner kinda interesting. I mean, the artisans are the creative ones. I just own land.
  6. I read SL men’s style blogs. A lot. Like embarassingly so.
  7. Speaking of blogs, I use NetVibes to track 86 SL-related blogs at last count. And that number grows by one or two every week. Yow!
  8. I use Skype and Google Talk to talk with close friends quite a bit while I’m inworld, but I rarely use SL voice.

Whew! Made it! Now I have to choose 8 people to “tag,” so they have to offer their 8 random facts. That means you’re up, Charlot Dickins, elros Tuominen, MoShang Zhao, Daedalus Young, Sasun Steinbeck, Joeru Pugilist, PleaseWakeMeUp Idler and Finny Yates. If any of you 8 want to offer your 8 random facts on my blog, please feel free to post them as comments for this blog entry and I’ll point them out with direct links. Heck, enough people have been tagged that I’ll be happy to host anyone who needs a place to post their 8 random facts.

If you’re interested in the 8 random facts of some other friends of Oyster Bay, check out: Isolde Flamand, Sunn Thunders and Spaceman Opus. Don’t forget Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe at the top.

Isolde Flamand’s “Best of SL Art 2007” photo recap

As I was tied up on my laptop and unable to take any worthwhile photos, Isolde Flamand was kind enough to take a few fantastic photos, which really appear to be portraits more than snapshots.  (Also speaks to the quality of avatar appearance…especially skins and hair.  I guess the SL art community takes personal appearance seriously!)

Let’s lead off with the organizers of this whole program, Enniv Zarf and Cyanide Seelowe.  Enniv performed some free-form piano immediately following as the crowd mingled.

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