Random thoughts on a Sunday NetVibes scan…

  • I probably ought to read The Making of Second Life, but I’m not sure I can stomach another fanboy piece. We get enough of that on some of the more “popular” SL blogs.
  • The Lindens released a “clarification” (my term, not theirs) on their new trademark lockdown rules. Within 24 hours, a wildcat user group called DiSSENTiON released this video warning to Linden Lab, calling them out on their bass-ackwards trademark stance as well as their intents to wall off the grid for corporate customers. Lest you think that these guys are jokers, they did some (un)healthy damage at the opening of the I-World sim. I wouldn’t mess with them, especially as they’re threatening to release the CopyBot to the public. Oh, wait, the Lindens don’t care about content theft
  • Charlot Dickins is one amazing SL sculptor. And she even made sculptie feet!
  • Hyper-interactive modern art garden? Ummm…..ok….
  • I’m not a woman, nor are any of my avatars, but they would shop at PixelDolls if they were. Consistently wonderful designs that appear to execute well in Second Life.
  • Speaking of consistency, the SL Fashion Diva blog is the place I go when I want to see fantastic SL photography, guaranteed. These ladies have made WindLight their own.
  • Lastly, a bit of a funny (At least I think it’s funny) – I was looking at blog traffic, and it seems that while the blog is called Second Arts and dedicated to Second Life-generated artwork, blog readership spikes whenever I write about something NOT related to Secodn Life art!  Sigh…

Inworld slideshow script

Gwyneth Llewelyn offers a great little script for inworld, touch-advanced texture presentations.

I can see this being very useful for artists or photographers who have numerous pieces that they want to display in a single prim, touching to advance from one piece to the next.  Probably not great for sales purposes, but a nice tool nonetheless.

Thanks to Gwyneth for posting this!

Scripting without knowing how to script

I just learned of Ann Enigma’s Script Auto-Generator called Script Me!, a website that creates simple, custom LSL scripts for you at no charge. The interface is simple, asking basic questions that lead you toward the script that you’re looking for. Answer a few basic questions and voila! Instant script, ready to be copied and pasted into a blank SL script for use in Second Life.

Scripts for the peeps! Bookmark this site.