Discussion on RL/SL transfer in art

Sasun Steinbeck hosted a panel discussion on art in RL and SL.  Interesting dialogue – the transcript is worth a read.

Interestingly, and the reason I post this link here, is that the focus appeared to at least in part be on the transfer of SL art into RL respect/activity, as opposed to those who use SL as a vehicle to present their RL works.  

As longtime readers know, this blog is about SL-generated artwork.  The RL component is tangential, at least to me.  But don’t let that detract from Sasun’s good works…

Juris Amat discussion on intellectual property rights and content creation in Second Life

SL art goddess Sasun Steinbeck (right) organized a gathering of one of Second Life’s best groups, the Art Gallery Owners group, and brought RL lawyer Juris Amat in to discuss issues of intellectual property…and the rights we have with our intellectual property.

The entire transcript of the event is posted after the fold, but I’ll take the liberty to share what I think to be the crux of the situation. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me or reads this blog on a regular basis.

My feeling is that Linden Lab, through the way that they choose to govern the Second Life culture, has deliberately chosen to NOT make the security of intellectual property a priority in Second Life. As such, their policies allowing for grid hacks and anonymous accounts have made the Linden Lab assertions about enforcement of the American Digital Millenium Copyright Act laughable. I applaud the content creators who literally bared all to highlight the need to protect their intellectual property from piracy, but public awareness campaigns like theirs play to individual consumer guilt…not to systemic fixes.

Second Life, the platform owned by Linden Lab, IS able to offer systemic fixes if the owner of the platform want to make the fix. They have done so with gambling, inworld banking and ad farms (although the ad farm solution was less than ideal). This notion that they seem to be advancing is a “selective libertarianism” – not entirely the wild west that we expect, but not the controlled environment that one could reasonably expect with a proprietary immersive environment. Considering that Linden Lab clearly is willing to intervene in the Second Life society but cannot bring themselves to protect the rights of the creative class that they so desperately need to keep their anemic economy running….it defies logic.

Juris talks much more about the issues of intellectual property in Second Life art. The read is quite good. The issues are profound. The need for Linden Lab to recognize their responsibility to their customer base is undeniable.

So when’s something meaningful going to happen? What needs to happen for Philip Rosedale and his band of Lindens to step up and recognize that they (and they alone) have the tools to ensure Second Life’s primacy for months, if not years, to come?

I remain baffled by Linden Lab’s silence on this front.  Now, enjoy the transcript…

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SL sculptors: A huge “Who knew?” from Sasun Steinbeck

I got this tidbit from SL Art Gallery Owners group leader (and scripted sculpture creator) Sasun Steinbeck:

[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: I learned something interesting
[19:43]  Morris Vig: ??
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: objects can be laggy
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: unless they are phantom
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: then your client doesn’t need to do collision detection
[19:43]  Morris Vig: oh now that’s interesting
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: yeah!
[19:43]  Morris Vig makes a note
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: you can’t bonk into a phantom object

So there you have it.  Unless you’re building something that requires physical definition (and that would generally NOT include sculptures), save a sim – make it “phantom”!

“TAGGED!” – 8 random facts about me

Having been tagged by Cheen Pitney, Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe, I guess I can’t hide from the blog trend of saying 8 random facts about yourself. So here we go…but I’m going to stick with Second Life as opposed to talking about my “Real Life.” In all honesty, my Second Life is much more interesting!

  1. I have 3 “alts.” One is a purple furry…he’s my accountant. One is my work alt (yeah, I have a little RL vocational bleedover…but not as much as I’d like). The other is my “peace and quiet” alt. Why 3? Because I don’t have 4…
  2. I blew off Orientation Island when I rezzed inworld over a year ago. And I don’t regret it.
  3. I won’t even acknowledge unsolicited teleport requests with a reply. In my opinion, that’s the height of SL rudeness.
  4. Perhaps my favorite HUD is the EmoterHUD. It’s a freebie, but it can make for entire minutes of fun as the user makes his/her avatar actually have something resembling human expressions. Case in point:
  5. I feel inferior to nearly all of the SL sculpture artists, photographers and machinimists with whom I interact, making my role as a “gallery” owner kinda interesting. I mean, the artisans are the creative ones. I just own land.
  6. I read SL men’s style blogs. A lot. Like embarassingly so.
  7. Speaking of blogs, I use NetVibes to track 86 SL-related blogs at last count. And that number grows by one or two every week. Yow!
  8. I use Skype and Google Talk to talk with close friends quite a bit while I’m inworld, but I rarely use SL voice.

Whew! Made it! Now I have to choose 8 people to “tag,” so they have to offer their 8 random facts. That means you’re up, Charlot Dickins, elros Tuominen, MoShang Zhao, Daedalus Young, Sasun Steinbeck, Joeru Pugilist, PleaseWakeMeUp Idler and Finny Yates. If any of you 8 want to offer your 8 random facts on my blog, please feel free to post them as comments for this blog entry and I’ll point them out with direct links. Heck, enough people have been tagged that I’ll be happy to host anyone who needs a place to post their 8 random facts.

If you’re interested in the 8 random facts of some other friends of Oyster Bay, check out: Isolde Flamand, Sunn Thunders and Spaceman Opus. Don’t forget Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe at the top.

Isolde Flamand’s “Best of SL Art 2007” photo recap

As I was tied up on my laptop and unable to take any worthwhile photos, Isolde Flamand was kind enough to take a few fantastic photos, which really appear to be portraits more than snapshots.  (Also speaks to the quality of avatar appearance…especially skins and hair.  I guess the SL art community takes personal appearance seriously!)

Let’s lead off with the organizers of this whole program, Enniv Zarf and Cyanide Seelowe.  Enniv performed some free-form piano immediately following as the crowd mingled.

Many more photos after the fold…

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Best of SL Art 2007

Per Enniv Zarf’s collaborative effort with Cyanide Seelowe, published at Krystal Epic:

Best of SL Art - Cover

Winners after the fold…

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Princess Ivory on Oyster Bay, Second Arts party

Go check out Princess Ivory’s blog, where she offers up some fine SL photography (of Gracie Kendal and Sasun Steinbeck’s Oyster Bay sculptures) and a recap of last night’s “Reintroduction” to Second Arts Photography.

Thank you for the kind words, Princess!