Best of SL Art 2007

Per Enniv Zarf’s collaborative effort with Cyanide Seelowe, published at Krystal Epic:

Best of SL Art - Cover

Winners after the fold…

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Photoessay: Dancing amongst the sculptures

It was a slow Friday night, and I was enjoying the new First Nations Dancers pieces from Cheen Pitney. The pieces really grabbed me, and my little pixellated avi was drawn to join in the dance with those towering pieces.

One thing led to another, and this admittedly self-indulgent photoessay of my journey around the sculptures of Oyster Bay resulted. There’s a sense of joy and freedom of being able to interact with the art in such a way – I encourage everyone to find such joy and fun in their SL experiences!

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My tour of Lauk’s Nest

It had been some time since I took in EVERYTHING that is Lauk’s Nest, and all of the attention I’ve been giving it in the Second Arts blog led me back, this time to re-appreciate this magical place.  I took a few photos and hope you enjoy.

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Linden’s VAT bombshell hits the SL art world

Linden Lab’s European customers received an email in the last couple days telling them that their Second Life bills were going to be surcharged with the European Value Added Tax (VAT). No advance notice. No time to adapt/adjust.

Sadly, this sudden move hit the SL art world hard. But to tell you that story, I have to tell you another.

You see, there’s this place, Lauk’s Nest, that was created by one of SL’s visionaries, Laukosargas Svarog. Lauk’s Nest was Svarog’s effort to create an entire environment – an ecosystem – on an island in the Alviso sim. Unique vegetation, animal life….everything. All from Svarog’s vision.

Lauk’s Nest is a pretty popular place – even Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale liked it enough to show it off in his Rolling Stone interview:

Rosedale teleports to his favorite spot in-world. It’s an artificially intelligent island designed, he tells me, by a computer genius. There are birds. Weird animals. Vegetation growing on stems. This is what he always imagined Second Life would be.

“I’d like to see it get to a point where it’s all irreversible,” he says…

But like most of the great SL building minds, Svarog chose to move along. SL isn’t irreversable, and keeping any build – even one on the scale of Lauk’s Nest – around after the building stops gets…well…kinda boring. So Svarog put Lauk’s Nest on the market.

Enter Lukas Mensing.

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New masthead

It’s been a month, and Oyster Bay has been rebuilt since the last masthead was created. So I’ve retired the June/July edition with Sandhya2 Patel’s blue butterfly faeries (still one of my favorite collections at Oyster Bay on an emotional level) and created a new masthead.

This month, the masthead features a closeup of one of Baba Bu’s gently swirling water pieces. He’s got a couple pieces right on the water, catching the light from the sky and the reflection from the water. They’re lovingly textured and, when you stop to look at them, are just wonderful to watch move in the Oyster wind.  (And they’re really not expensive…they would brighten up any waterfront, be it an oceanview or a pond!)  For a little extra pizazz, I indulged my inner Torley and flipped the RenderGlow on to light the piece up. I hope you like it…if you don’t, it’ll only be a month.

Black Tie and Blues: Our machinima release event

Black Tie and Blues


Celebrating the premiere of the new Oyster Bay machinima by Kronos Kirkorian


Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium, Oyster (

Overflow teleport location: Oyster Bay Market (adjacent property), Shepherd (

Thursday, 21 June 2007

6:30PM SLT – Introduction to “Spring 2007 @ Oyster Bay” by Kronos Kirkorian and in-world, streamed premiere

7:00PM SLT – Komuso Tokugawa concert – An hour of boogie blues live from Tokyo, Japan


SECOND LIFE – Oyster Bay (a unique sculpture garden, aquarium and cultural market center with a footprint covering nearly one-half of a sim in Second Life) will roll out the red carpetfor the forthcoming premiere of a brand-new machinima by noted Second Life machinima artist Kronos Kirkorian. This short film (running time 4:30), “Spring 2007 @ Oyster Bay,” focusses Kronos’ professional cinematic eye on over 20 of the unique Second Life sculpture pieces that are part of the Oyster Bay spring show.

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Sandhya2 Patel’s blue butterfly faeries

What great form in these figures:

You can just feel the joy!