Linux News writeup on the Second Life art culture

Props to ECT News Service, who offers this nice overview of the Second Life art world, including quotes from ArtWorld Market, Filthy Fluno, Sabine Stonebender and DanCoyote Antonelli.  Filthy and DanCoyote do a pretty good job self-promoting, but I always appreciate that ArtWorld gives Sabine well-deserved props for being one of SL’s true visionary artists.  Check out this excerpt from the article:

In SLART, Minsky calls Stonebender’s Zero Point development “one of the Seven Wonders of SL … a sci-fi fantasy psychedelic Op Art installation sculpture that … [is] an amusement park … with illusions of infinite depth.” Minsky took me on a tour: Zero Point is practically indescribable. Swooping, falling, environment after environment washes over, under and around Minsky’s avatar; textured tunnels rich in chiaroscuro, lush with color, ornate with detail and form, provide sensory overload on every level.


Dragons and Swords at Crescent Moon

When you have the largest private collection of SL art, you can do themed art exhibits of incredible quality. Case in point, Tayzia Abbatoir’s latest collection of sculpture art:

“Dragons” by Sabine Stonebender, Red Levitt (who used to display at Oyster Bay, but I believe now has left SL indefinitely), Starax Statosky and Daryth Kennedy. “Swords” by Androclese Antonelli, Cheen Pitney and Stormy Roentgen. Incredible collection…come take a look! (Click on the Crescent Moon logo in the side column for a SLURL, which will teleport you to the gallery)

A favorite sculpture – from Better World Island

This piece of artwork is located at the landing zone at Better World Island.   It was one of the first places I discovered in SL (just about a year ago, really!), and I was blown away by Camp Darfur and Delia Lake’s Center for Water Studies.  I have many warm memories and feelings about the people at this sim…they REALLY are trying to leverage their piece of SL property to make our real world a better place.

The sculpture is emblematic of that spirit – not a Cheen Pitney work or a Sabine Stonebender creation by any extent of the imagination, but a simple and clear expression of their vision.  Starting SL sculpture artists could learn volumes from this piece.

Stop by and look around!  There’s lots to see at Better World Island.

Three incredible gallery RE-openings this week

Second Life art fans need to check out these 3 art gallery launches following their remodelings, the Artisan Galleria Skyline Art Experience, JazzWorks and The Gallery at Shengri La. Each is a reflection of the creative vision of their owner and is DEFINITELY worth a visit.

Artisan Galleria Skyline Art Experience

Jordan Morgenrote (owner and designer of Jordan’s jewelry at Oyster Bay…where does she find the time?) surveyed the SL art landscape over the late spring and early summer, deftly picking up on a couple things:

  1. The art viewing public really liked the concept of the the fully immersive art experience pioneered by Sabine Stonebender at Zero Point and further popularized by Juria Yoshikawa, who offers must-see, limited-run shows all over the grid. As in, REALLY likes them.
  2. The 2D “wall art” gallery world is quickly becoming glutted. But that’s nothing we didn’t know. I won’t make any judgements on the new entrants here, but one major result is that it is increasingly harder to make your gallery, no matter how strong you are, heard above the din.

Jordan bravely looked her two Artisan Galleria towers in Bellatrix in the face and decided that there had to be a better way. Fine galleries and gallery spaces, they were probably best of the breed. Problem is, that breed is quickly getting tired in Second Life.

She started the transformation of her place with a new sculpture garden (launched at a very successful opening gala that benefitted the Muscular Dystrophy Association). Laid out by Rezago Kokorin and featuring high-quality, low-prim pieces, this place was designed to be a romantic sanctuary – a place to admire art or spend a tender moment. On both fronts, mission accomplished.

Next, she pulled the towers. As in, deleted them. A gutsy move, but a necessary one. The towers were fine structures, but they were plain. They were “old school.” To transform, one needs to shed themselves of old trappings and embrace the new. Boy did she ever!

With the new land, the sculpture garden expanded. Jordan also installed a “teleport station” in the more modern style befitting the Bellatrix sim to bring people to the Skyline Art Experience.

To see a preview of the incredible Skyline Art Experience, as well as read about the two other galleries, look below the fold!

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Two new sculptures at Oyster Bay

We’re going to slowly start turning the gallery over in anticipation of a “summer/fall show” launch at the Second Life Community Convention.  Pieces will start to be replaced going forward – in fact, it’s already happening!

Sabine Stonebender is showing off Star Well, in the tradition of her layered “onion” sculptures.  The kinetics on this piece are amazing, and I really like the combination of form and texture on this one.

Breeze Winnfield offers Shaman’s Pot, which has very strong texturing indicative of her building prowess.   I think my favorite feature on this, though, is the gentle particle flame/steam rising from the pot.  Strategic use of particle is something I’ve looked at in my work – and I’m surprised more artists don’t give them a try.

We’re off and running toward the fall show!

Sasun’s March ’07 ArtTalk featured in SLArt Magazine

ArtWorld Market offers a condensed transcript of Sasun Steinbeck’s acclaimed Oyster Bay ArtTalk on 20 March 2007 as the cover feature of the Summer 2007 SLArt Magazine. What a wonderful surprise!

While it’s been a few months since the event (Ina Centaur’s photo from the ArtTalk above), the discussion outlined in the article rings true. The introduction of sculpted prims aside (and it is a VERY significant development that warrants further discussion elsewhere), Sasun’s comments that scripted artwork are the future of SL art remain true and likely will for the foreseeable future. It’s motion, texture, sound, immersiveness and interactivity that makes SL art so fascinating – and all of that is done through scripting. There will always be a place for great prim-based artwork (the popularity of the Hidden Starax! show is a fine example), but I’m seeing so much more innovation and growth in the script-based community.

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Stepping out(side Oyster Bay) this week

It promises to be an interesting week for yours truly as two public appearances will raise the profile for Oyster Bay within the Metaverse and, perhaps, within Real Life.

Monday night (7-8PM SLT), Cypress Rosewood will host me on “When Worlds Collide,” a weekly live avatar interview that broadcasts live over the air into Nashville, Tennessee and from their inworld studio in Jarang. Notable notable past guests include a couple friends of Oyster Bay, sculptor Cheen Pitney (podcast) and musician AldoManutio Abruzzo (podcast). This is a rescheduled appearance, and while I’m grateful that Cypress was able to squeeze me back in after my Real Life went sour for a patch….I really have to wonder why he wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity and bump me from the schedule altogether! Seriously, I’m looking forward to it and will do my darndest to make the hour interesting.

Right on the heels of Cypress’ show is a really interesting bit of exposure for the Second Life art scene – a 4-hour art show at the Playboy sim during DJ Doubledown Tandino‘s weekly “DeepSexyCool” show. On Tuesday from 6-10PM SLT, the partiers will get to check out a fantastic array of 2D (read: wall-hangable) art and 3D (read: sculpture) pieces. This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to expose SL residents to the incredible art resources at its disposal; Doubledown’s shows are popular, and the overlap between the traditional Oyster Bay visitor and the DeepSexyCool partier is quite small…so we can expect a lot of fresh eyes for this show.

I’ve spent about a month acclimating myself to the 2D scene, adding some fresh faces (at least to me) to known artisans like Finny Yates and Isolde Flamand. In fact, I believe one artist is making their SL debut at the show!

On the 3D front, plan on seeing some familiar names, like Sabine Stonebender, Sasun Steinbeck, Breeze Winnfield, Zero Ball, Syler Piccard (and me) – but augmenting pieces that have seen the light of Oyster Bay with other pieces from the artists’ inventory. Plus, as I set the show up, I expect to dig a little into my private collection of sculpture aquisitions. It’s somewhat exciting to have 8,000 prims at my disposal…not that I’ll come close to using them all!

Cool art, GREAT music from SL’s best DJ and a really nice beach party atmosphere…this should be a GREAT time. (And for the squeamish among you, please know my instructions on this show were to keep nudity to a bare minimum and refrain from offering erotica.)  Hats off to Doubledown for making art a cornerstone of this great SL show!

On the home front: Hidden Starax! continues at Oyster Bay, with a new piece on the “featured” platform tonight, and new pieces on both the featured platform and a new FREE, copiable Starax sculpture both rezzing on Wednesday night. Talk about exciting!