“The Real Me” exhibit at Man-a-hatta Gallery

I just visited this show today – great concept with some outstanding works.  Here’s a slideshow that doesn’t do it justice…many kinetic pieces, some interactive.  3D imagery abounds.  Worth the trip!

Here’s the promotional notecard I received…

The Real Me!
An exhibition of 13 SL artists’ self-portraits
June 15-27, 2008
Man-a-hatta Gallery

What happens when 13 artists are presented with the same problem: “Create a self-portrait using the materials and forces unique to this world. It can’t be a simple picture! ”

The artists’ responses to this “problem” is what this show is about. The responses range from the “simple” to the “complex;” from one prim to 109 prims; from multiply-scripted to no scripts at all; from using a manipulated a picture to using completely abstract forms. And you can bet if we included 25 artists or 100 artists, we would get 25 or 100 different and equally interesting “solutions” to the “problem.”

Because … that’s what artists do, isn’t it?


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Rezago’s Oyster Bay closing bash photos

Rezago Kokorin was not only kind enough to help Cyanide Seelowe and Isolde Flamand get ready for the big party – he also was a photo-snapping man all night long! Here is his 45-photo collection of a very special night.

Thank you, Rezago – and thanks to everyone who came out for the closing of Oyster Bay!

Isolde Flamand’s “Best of SL Art 2007” photo recap

As I was tied up on my laptop and unable to take any worthwhile photos, Isolde Flamand was kind enough to take a few fantastic photos, which really appear to be portraits more than snapshots.  (Also speaks to the quality of avatar appearance…especially skins and hair.  I guess the SL art community takes personal appearance seriously!)

Let’s lead off with the organizers of this whole program, Enniv Zarf and Cyanide Seelowe.  Enniv performed some free-form piano immediately following as the crowd mingled.

Many more photos after the fold…

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Best of SL Art 2007

Per Enniv Zarf’s collaborative effort with Cyanide Seelowe, published at Krystal Epic:

Best of SL Art - Cover

Winners after the fold…

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The (other) Abyss

The Abyss 2.0 (officially now called The Abyss Museum of Ocean Science) has opened. Sunn Thunders and Rezago Kokorin made it a wonderful experience, but – strangely – another “The Abyss” also has popped up.  This one is an entire sim called The Abyss:

It’s a visually intriguing build, located over 200m high and playing with the viewer’s sense of depth perception by strategically placing “far away” objects not nearly as far as one would think, but built much smaller to give the impression of distance.

The textures are cool, and the structures are very nice prim construction.

And then, there’s the one building that I was able to walk into, after the fold…

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The Abyss 2.0 – coming soon

Rezago Kokorin tells us that The Abyss is going to return…and that he and Sunn Thunders have some impressive plans for their undersea exploration/education build.  The photos (linked above and, for some of Sunn’s “postcards,” here) from the work in progress are VERY encouraging – some great stuff happening!

Happy Rez Day – Rezago Kokorin!

One of SL’s truly great kinetic sculptors (and collaborator with Sunn Thunders on The Abyss) celebrates another trip around the sun….errr….grid today.  While I sadly couldn’t locate a SL snapshot of Rez on short notice, I DID find these examples of his SL sculpture art…so enjoy that, and wish him the best!