“The Real Me” exhibit at Man-a-hatta Gallery

I just visited this show today – great concept with some outstanding works.  Here’s a slideshow that doesn’t do it justice…many kinetic pieces, some interactive.  3D imagery abounds.  Worth the trip!

Here’s the promotional notecard I received…

The Real Me!
An exhibition of 13 SL artists’ self-portraits
June 15-27, 2008
Man-a-hatta Gallery

What happens when 13 artists are presented with the same problem: “Create a self-portrait using the materials and forces unique to this world. It can’t be a simple picture! ”

The artists’ responses to this “problem” is what this show is about. The responses range from the “simple” to the “complex;” from one prim to 109 prims; from multiply-scripted to no scripts at all; from using a manipulated a picture to using completely abstract forms. And you can bet if we included 25 artists or 100 artists, we would get 25 or 100 different and equally interesting “solutions” to the “problem.”

Because … that’s what artists do, isn’t it?


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PleaseWakeMeUpIdler: SL Sculpture

One of the joys in the Second Life sculpture art scene is watching an artist like PleaseWakeMeUp Idler come forward with a vision that is totally unique. I’ve seen his work move from playing with notions of 2D art in a 3D environment to now integrating scripting and kinetics. What a wonderful collection, from a terrific guy. (Also, Wake hosts a weekly ArtTalk on Monday nights at the Artropolis sim…great dialogue!)

I asked Wake to add a few thoughts to give context to what you see. Here are his thoughts, unedited:

I see things.

I see things and I wonder at them, at the beauty of them, and I want to record them and share.

Usually what I see is light and reflections. I love being at the fair at night, seeing the rides all lit up. I enjoy being inside at night and looking out, seeing the inside lights as a reflection on the outside scene.

I’ve also always enjoy processes, the smooth or quantized progression from one state or form into another. It could be a sand castle being washed away by the sea, or snow falling. Sometimes there are imperceptible changes that are additive, sometimes there are discrete steps to the change. But there is change.

When I came to SL in 2006 it wasn’t to create art, but just to explore. But eventually I started building sculptures, and I guess it isn’t surprising, given what I see in my head, that I build what I build. There is light, there is process.

And that is where I started with light and process and almost all my works to date involve those. But my RL photography isn’t always about light and process, but about focus. Directed seeing.

And that is where my portraits are from. Some show blends, some show different views of the same scene, cut up, disassembled and then reassembled. I’ve enjoyed making those. After the first one, the 10 tallish square tubes of Mark and Nber, I thought I was done, I had nothing left to say. But soon the others flowed. At first I concentrated on blending, making my first scripted pieces. Two rotating sculptures came from that. But I returned to the portraits, wondering how I could blend a single person. My friend Aislin modeled for me, she suggested that a person has more than one facet and the piece showing 4 views of Aislin was conceived. Then it was a quick matter to use the same technique to show the 4 sides of the same view, blending front, back, left and right into a piece that mimics, but yet distorts reality.

And that brings me to dreams and nightmares, the Watchers.

I was working with Sherpa Voyager on our first immersive, Political is Personal. She’s done the poetry and I’m doing the installation. And while waiting for Midnight Mass to start I had a sudden vision of large objects that wouldn’t let you escape they gaze. I can’t say this is original, I saw a sculpture at Snaper Strong’s gallery months ago and that moved towards me, and Jopsy Pendgragon had a large eyeball that looked at me. But art isn’t built in a vacuum.

And since this is Second Life, I took my vision, I took my nightmare, and built them.

PleaseWakeMeUp “Wake” Idler

You can find Wake’s artwork at his Throwing Stones Gallery, Rezago Kokorin’s Blekinge Sculpture Park and Art Maniac Research/Studio 33.

[UPDATE: The Personal is Political is reviewed in great depth byCyberloom.  Wake wrote in the comments that the build was going to stay up for a little while longer…I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I thought it was to come down this weekend.  It apparently isn’t, so I encourage everyone to see this powerful creation.]

“TAGGED!” – 8 random facts about me

Having been tagged by Cheen Pitney, Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe, I guess I can’t hide from the blog trend of saying 8 random facts about yourself. So here we go…but I’m going to stick with Second Life as opposed to talking about my “Real Life.” In all honesty, my Second Life is much more interesting!

  1. I have 3 “alts.” One is a purple furry…he’s my accountant. One is my work alt (yeah, I have a little RL vocational bleedover…but not as much as I’d like). The other is my “peace and quiet” alt. Why 3? Because I don’t have 4…
  2. I blew off Orientation Island when I rezzed inworld over a year ago. And I don’t regret it.
  3. I won’t even acknowledge unsolicited teleport requests with a reply. In my opinion, that’s the height of SL rudeness.
  4. Perhaps my favorite HUD is the EmoterHUD. It’s a freebie, but it can make for entire minutes of fun as the user makes his/her avatar actually have something resembling human expressions. Case in point:
  5. I feel inferior to nearly all of the SL sculpture artists, photographers and machinimists with whom I interact, making my role as a “gallery” owner kinda interesting. I mean, the artisans are the creative ones. I just own land.
  6. I read SL men’s style blogs. A lot. Like embarassingly so.
  7. Speaking of blogs, I use NetVibes to track 86 SL-related blogs at last count. And that number grows by one or two every week. Yow!
  8. I use Skype and Google Talk to talk with close friends quite a bit while I’m inworld, but I rarely use SL voice.

Whew! Made it! Now I have to choose 8 people to “tag,” so they have to offer their 8 random facts. That means you’re up, Charlot Dickins, elros Tuominen, MoShang Zhao, Daedalus Young, Sasun Steinbeck, Joeru Pugilist, PleaseWakeMeUp Idler and Finny Yates. If any of you 8 want to offer your 8 random facts on my blog, please feel free to post them as comments for this blog entry and I’ll point them out with direct links. Heck, enough people have been tagged that I’ll be happy to host anyone who needs a place to post their 8 random facts.

If you’re interested in the 8 random facts of some other friends of Oyster Bay, check out: Isolde Flamand, Sunn Thunders and Spaceman Opus. Don’t forget Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe at the top.

A word about the new masthead


With the new blog design, I thought a white-background, black text masthead would fit in well.  But a splash of color was needed.  Scanning through the inventory, I came across one of PleaseWakeMeUp Idler’s “liminal” series – the “Sunrise”.  This combination of “time-lapse” SL photography shows just that, a sunrise over time.  It’s a great piece, as are all of Wake’s liminal works.  You can find this at Oyster Bay, close to the Second Arts Photography gallery.

(It offers a terrific splash of color, too – don’t you think?)