Origin Rang show 2 photo roundup

The Origin Rang concert brought out the best in photography, as the following web-hosted photo albums show:

Jordan Morgenrote’s album

Kronos Kirkorian’s album

Torley Linden’s WindLight-snapped album

Enjoy them!

Origin Rang Recap

Playing to a packed house once again, Origin Rang once again delighted and astounded the crowd at Oyster Bay. The new stage on the water at Oyster Bay proved exactly the right environment for a two hour concert of classics.


(Photo by Daedalus Young) Twenty minutes to showtime and the area already had 31 in attendance–by the time the show started, Oyster was full, and Shepherd was collecting the overflow. Determined concert-goers were soon hovering on the sim line, waiting for a chance to join the main crowd listening.

Once the concert started, all chatter stopped as we listened intently–those who have heard Origin play know that at this point, no words come to mind, and indeed aren’t really necessary.

The following photos give an idea of the mood of the evening. (photos by Torley Olmstead)

Hmmmm, windlight photos by Torley…………..interesting…….:-)

At one point I found to my surprise that there were 42 in Oyster and another 17 in Shepherd. I made a comment about that and Breeze Winfield assured me that she got in by swimming over from Shepherd……

Anyway, it was a wonderful evening, with phenomemal music, and a great crowd. I’ll leave you with this last photo from Daedalus Young.

Yes, Origin Rang is playing!

Origin Rang is playing Oyster Bay at 6PM SLT on Friday, October 12.

Classical Music group leader Tyrol Rimbaud says:

For those who have been fortunate to hear this artist, you will know to be there. If you have not yet been a party to his concerts, this is your opportunity.

In the opinion of many, the finest musician in Second Life. Simply put, his gift as a pianist is peerless. Come hear the power of a truly virtuoso pianist perform his craft.

Get to Oyster Bay early, as the sim WILL fill up. And enjoy the show!

Origin Rang returns to Oyster Bay!

Origin Rang concert sign - October 2007The last time Origin Rang graced Oyster Bay with his presence, he was a little-known commodity on the Second Life music scene. Back after just a couple months, he’s a bona fide star. And we’re so excited to have him back this Friday night!

Origin 5 - by Michelle BabliiSeeing as Oyster Bay is a “part-time” music venue, we have the luxury of being extremely picky and choosy about our performers. I’m really more interested in quality over quantity – making every performance at Oyster Bay not just another show on the calendar but rather an event.

Listening to Origin play is one of the treats of Second Life. I mean, to live in the United States where I do and then listen live to a classically-trained concert pianist play from Tokyo, Japan for me and 40 or so of my close friends is worth the price of tier twelve times over. Go and look at the link above…performances from just anyone don’t inspire the outpouring of emotion that you see from Tree’s comments.

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More great Oyster Bay photos

I ran into Texanna Schumann at the Playboy sim while setting up for DeepSexyCool: CultureBeats, and she told me that she had taken a couple snaps from Oyster Bay and posted them on her blog. How nice!

Origin Rang, from his amazing performance:

And Cheen Pitney’s golden eagle:

Thanks, Texanna!

Origin Rang photos by Michelle Babii

Origin 1 - by Michelle Bablii Origin Rang 1 Origin 3 - by Michelle Bablii Origin 5 - by Michelle Bablii Origin Rang 6 - by Michelle Bablii

Michelle prides herself on offering “raw” photos – not touched up with any extra graphics software like Photoshop or GIMP. Click on the thumbnails for fill-sized versions.

Nice work! Michelle also opened a mini-gallery at Oyster Bay – go check it out!

Origin Rang recital – 20 July 2007 recap (with help!)

Keeping in mind my “First Blush” comments, it’s difficult to do justice to last night’s performance by Origin Rang. I’ve had plenty of traffic on the blog looking for information on Origin, so I feel some pressure to write this quickly. At the same time, I am hamstrung by my lack of expertise in classical music.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll give the uneducated review – the discussion of the atmosphere of the event, the crowd reactions, etc. And I’ll leave it to someone with a little more formal music training to talk about the music itself.

Origin arrived about an hour early with his friend Crescent Rang, and we collectively struggled through our language gap (with Origin trying much harder than me!) to figure out the URL for his audio feed. We played around with a couple accompanying sculpture ideas, settling on elros Tuominen’s kinetic rose (the pic is of Origin checking out the rose) and Cheen Pitney’s rarely seen school of fish. Origin then retreated into his warmups while I sounded the call for the show one last time.

MUCH more on the show after the fold…

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