Marianne McCann at the Willowdale Gallery & Museum

SL’s great child avatar (and Bay City economic developer!) put a collection of 20 or so pieces on display in Willowdale. I really enjoy Mari’s work – her perspective is so unique, playing to the sense of wonder and joy in being a child in any setting. She’s also got a few REALLY strong landscapes on display as well. I gather this show is closing soon, so stop by as soon as possible!
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In memory

Americans call it Veterans Day, the British call it Remembrance Day…we honor our heroes all the same.


Photo by Marianne McCann, from Snapzilla

Photo by Marianne McCann, from Snapzilla

[This snap is a year old, from the Rivers Run Red build done in honor of Remembrance Day.  Thank God for Snapzilla…the build is now gone.  Such is the temporary nature of the grid…]

HIDDEN STARAX!: 6 pieces held over…

My real life circumstances have changed somewhat in the last three weeks, and this week featured three straight evenings of performance-related issues (Monday and Tuesday at the Playboy sim for Culturebeats, Wednesday at our Cypress Rosewood show) – so I literally have had no time to swap Hidden Starax! pieces like I should have last night. I just learned that I’ll be leaving town tomorrow night for the weekend in a celebration of the opening of the American college football season, so it’ll likely be Sunday night before I can get to the final display in the Hidden Starax! show.

Which is all for the best, as I didn’t even document the 6 pieces that made up this week’s exhibit. Let’s get to those…

First of the four eclectically-mixed pieces on the main sculpture platform is the Starax Statosky Elephant. It’s a reasonably simple piece for Starax, but he makes even the basic pieces look real good:

Marianne McCann takes a much better snapshot than I of this piece:

Next up, the Starax Unicorn. We featured his horse pieces toward the beginning of Hidden Starax!, and this is a nice bookend for the nearly two-month long show:

Marianne McCann uses the closeup to good effect:

Daedalus Young does it right, too, using the “midnight” lighting setting and extra light-prims for maximum effect…what incredible shininess! Are you sure Windlight hasn’t been released yet?

Check after the fold for another proof of Vig’s Theory of SL sculpture art…

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People can’t take their eyes off of Starax’s Dragon!

Usually there are one or two photos on Snapzilla of the Hidden Starax! sculpture of the moment…but the Dragon hit a nerve!

I’ll use this blog entry to showcase what other lenses are showing:


…again, a whole lot more after the fold…

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HIDDEN STARAX! Week 2 – “Handstand”

It’s a mix of the serious and humorous as the Crescent Moon Museum and Oyster Bay kick off week 2 of Hidden Starax!.

One of Starax’s widely-acknowledged masterpieces is “Handstand” – on display through Sunday evening:

This is an amazing study in the human form. I just find myself wanting to look at it from all angles:

Lots more after the fold:

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