“New Prim Abuses” by Gore Suntzu

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The great “prim abuser” is at it agan.  Here’s a sample of the pieces that he’s created…of course, showing off the incredible kinetic display that Gore does so well, playing with rotating prims and/or textures:

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Gore Suntzu’s Swirly Thingies Exhibition

Gore Suntzu takes full advantage of the Fashion Research Institute’s build to show off his “Prim Abuses” – wonderful, kinetic, colorful constructs of fire and light.

Gore was one of the last (if not the last) artists that I actively recruited to come to Oyster Bay, and I only was able to show one of his pieces at a time. This collection of 10-15 pieces really shows his range.
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Snapzilla photos from the Oyster Bay closing bash

Thanks to all who took photos on this great night!

Machinima: Gore Suntzu’s “Supernova”

Noted Snapzilla contributor EllieBob Bean offers this great machinima overview of Gore Suntzu’s latest prim abuse sculpture:

As impressive as it is, “Supernova” is just one new piece at Oyster Bay as part of our first anniversary show. This is a very, very exciting collection.

Welcome to Oyster Bay, Gore Suntzu!

Now on display, Gore’s piece – Prims Abuse 2.0.  I took this photo with RenderGlow turned on:

What a beautiful piece, and a wonderful addition to the collection of SL sculpture artistry at Oyster Bay!