Linux News writeup on the Second Life art culture

Props to ECT News Service, who offers this nice overview of the Second Life art world, including quotes from ArtWorld Market, Filthy Fluno, Sabine Stonebender and DanCoyote Antonelli.  Filthy and DanCoyote do a pretty good job self-promoting, but I always appreciate that ArtWorld gives Sabine well-deserved props for being one of SL’s true visionary artists.  Check out this excerpt from the article:

In SLART, Minsky calls Stonebender’s Zero Point development “one of the Seven Wonders of SL … a sci-fi fantasy psychedelic Op Art installation sculpture that … [is] an amusement park … with illusions of infinite depth.” Minsky took me on a tour: Zero Point is practically indescribable. Swooping, falling, environment after environment washes over, under and around Minsky’s avatar; textured tunnels rich in chiaroscuro, lush with color, ornate with detail and form, provide sensory overload on every level.


ArtTalk: Success in SL Art transcript

Thanks to the many people who attended this evening’s ArtTalk panel on “Success in Second Life Art.”

Special thanks also to our panelists, Madcow Cosmos, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal and Cheen Pitney for their active participation and discussion of such a wide variety of topics.

Per requests of the attendees, the transcript of the event follows after the fold….

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Don’t Forget: ArtTalk on Monday!

ArtTalk - Success in SL Art

6PM Monday – November 26

Featuring…Madcow Cosmos, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal & Cheen Pitney

Don’t miss it!

Oyster Bay to host ArtTalk panel on “Success in SL Art”

Filthy Fluno Gracie Kendal

Filthy Fluno…………………….Gracie Kendal

Cheen Pitney Madcow Cosmos

Cheen Pitney…………………….Madcow Cosmos

***Monday, November 26 – 6PM SLT***
Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium

The arts market has proven to be one of the drivers of Second Life economic and cultural life. But Second Life is a different environment than the “RL world.” There are different drivers, different motivations to Second Life.

Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium revives the ArtTalk discussion format for one special evening…inviting guests to join Madcow Cosmos, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal and Cheen Pitney as they discuss the different aspects of success in Second Life art. These four individuals, all considered “successful” by most, have taken different tracks to achieve their status.

What makes one successful – Money? Exposure? Creative freedom? So much to explore…and we’re going to discuss this concept. This wide-ranging discussion is not to be missed!

For more information, IM Morris Vig or email Morris at morrisvig [at] sbcglobal [dot] net.