Cypress Rosewood’s Oyster Bay show

Cypress Rosewood filled the sim at Oyster Bay for an hour-plus of his ambient “space music”. What an impressive show – and showing by both Oyster Bay regulars and Cypress Rosewood’s considerable number of fans!

Isolde Flamand, Daedalus Young and I took a number of snapshots of the show. Here’s an Isolde photo of the stage, one that sets the scene nicely:

As you can see, Cypress took the Oyster Bay stage and made it his own – even with the purple fog-like particle emitter!

Click on these thumbnails for larger snaps from the three of us:

Daedalus, per usual, took advantage of the opportunity to take some very creative shots as Cypress went from flute to guitar to organ to everything in-between as he built layer upon layer of the ethereal mood:

And a couple more snaps after the fold…

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Cypress Rosewood LIVE at Oyster Bay on Weds. night at 7PM SLT!

Cypress Rosewood

Talk  about fortunate….Oyster Bay is host to one of SL’s great musicians on Wednesday night!

CYPRESS ROSEWOOD in “real life” is TONY GERBER, a space music artist with over 20 recordings available and various music scores for documentary films, most recently the planetarium show, “Nine Planets and Counting.”  His group, Spacecraft has scored music for films including “Vanilla Sky” starring Tom Cruise. They have performed live concerts in planetariums around the United States.

Tony hosts a weekly radio show on Radio Free Nashville called “When Worlds Collide with Cypress Rosewood” which is simulcast in Second Life and features music and interviews with members of the Second Life arts and science community who discuss how the two worlds collide.

In Second Life CYPRESS has been a pioneer of live space and ambient music. He has performed over 40 concerts of his special brand of aural vibrations that can aid healing and relaxation. Cypress is also developing a Space Music Museum alongside working on many groundbreaking projects. He is also co-owner of the “Second Life Music” group and Harlem Cafe project.

Radio show podcast posted

Because you all live to hear about me, click here to get Cypress Rosewood’s edition of “When Worlds Collide!” featuring me.

If you want one featuring a genuine artistic talent, click here for Cypress’ Komuso Tokugawa show.

For more info on the show, go to Cypress’ podcast page.

“When Worlds Collide”

Cypress Rosewood had me on his show – which featured great ambient music and….wait, who’s the bald guy in the back? (Hee hee – none of my prim objects, like hair, would rez!) The crowd was really strong, including friends like Jordan Morgenrote (red hair).

It was a fun discussion and went REALLY fast! When the podcast is posted, I’ll offer a link. Thanks to Cypress Rosewood for the opportunity to talk about Oyster Bay and the SL art/music scenes, and to Isolde Flamand for the photos!

Stepping out(side Oyster Bay) this week

It promises to be an interesting week for yours truly as two public appearances will raise the profile for Oyster Bay within the Metaverse and, perhaps, within Real Life.

Monday night (7-8PM SLT), Cypress Rosewood will host me on “When Worlds Collide,” a weekly live avatar interview that broadcasts live over the air into Nashville, Tennessee and from their inworld studio in Jarang. Notable notable past guests include a couple friends of Oyster Bay, sculptor Cheen Pitney (podcast) and musician AldoManutio Abruzzo (podcast). This is a rescheduled appearance, and while I’m grateful that Cypress was able to squeeze me back in after my Real Life went sour for a patch….I really have to wonder why he wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity and bump me from the schedule altogether! Seriously, I’m looking forward to it and will do my darndest to make the hour interesting.

Right on the heels of Cypress’ show is a really interesting bit of exposure for the Second Life art scene – a 4-hour art show at the Playboy sim during DJ Doubledown Tandino‘s weekly “DeepSexyCool” show. On Tuesday from 6-10PM SLT, the partiers will get to check out a fantastic array of 2D (read: wall-hangable) art and 3D (read: sculpture) pieces. This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to expose SL residents to the incredible art resources at its disposal; Doubledown’s shows are popular, and the overlap between the traditional Oyster Bay visitor and the DeepSexyCool partier is quite small…so we can expect a lot of fresh eyes for this show.

I’ve spent about a month acclimating myself to the 2D scene, adding some fresh faces (at least to me) to known artisans like Finny Yates and Isolde Flamand. In fact, I believe one artist is making their SL debut at the show!

On the 3D front, plan on seeing some familiar names, like Sabine Stonebender, Sasun Steinbeck, Breeze Winnfield, Zero Ball, Syler Piccard (and me) – but augmenting pieces that have seen the light of Oyster Bay with other pieces from the artists’ inventory. Plus, as I set the show up, I expect to dig a little into my private collection of sculpture aquisitions. It’s somewhat exciting to have 8,000 prims at my disposal…not that I’ll come close to using them all!

Cool art, GREAT music from SL’s best DJ and a really nice beach party atmosphere…this should be a GREAT time. (And for the squeamish among you, please know my instructions on this show were to keep nudity to a bare minimum and refrain from offering erotica.)  Hats off to Doubledown for making art a cornerstone of this great SL show!

On the home front: Hidden Starax! continues at Oyster Bay, with a new piece on the “featured” platform tonight, and new pieces on both the featured platform and a new FREE, copiable Starax sculpture both rezzing on Wednesday night. Talk about exciting!

Appearance on “When Worlds Collide” on Monday

[UPDATE 30 June: I’ve had a personal emergency which will keep me off the grid for a little while…odds are that Cypress will have a replacement guest this week. Tune in regardless – I had a chance to listen to a couple of his past show podcasts, and it’s a REALL good show.]

In case anyone is interested, I will be a guest on Cypress Rosewood‘s “When Worlds Collide” radio show(podcast link), which is broadcast live from Nashville, Tennessee (on Radio Free Nashville) and streamed into an in-world studio in the Jarang sim. The show will be on Monday, 2 July from 7-8PM SLT. It’s a fascinating mixture of music and talk, largely revolving around the ever-growing SL cultural scene.

Cypress has told me that I should plan to talk about Oyster Bay and other notions creative and artistic. Seeing as I’m the least creative and artistic guy associated with the place, I hope I have enough to talk about to help fill the hour! 😉