Cheen Pitney makes a statement at Burning Life

Cheen wisely left the nipples out this year and created a powerful statement about the destructive impact of greed and war on the chances for peace. To the right, a black lion looks on – perhaps a symbol, adding to the scene, or maybe just another great example of Cheen’s sculpting prowess.

If you can’t tell, I had a devil of a time taking this snap. Surprisingly, the lag was almost tolerable. Problem is, there was no advantageous way to take a photo of it! The build sites are packed so that you can’t take a builder’s work on their own; you must look at it in terms of the flea market scene in which it is placed. Sigh. And Cheen really DID do a strong presentation…
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[UPDATE] I caught up with Cheen inworld and asked him about the black lion.  Made for an interesting discussion.  If you find him…try figuring out his motives in including it!

Machinima: Cheen Pitney’s “Sin of Commission” show

Tayzia Abattoir is one fortunate lady, hosting a collection of Cheen’s private commissioned sculptures at her Crescent Moon Museum.  Some incredible works in this show, many of which I’ve never seen before.  I got almost every piece in this machinima:

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Really, though, you need to check it out yourself.  The show won’t be up long – go see it today!

Got my 3d SpaceNavigator control

I just got my new 3d SpaceNavigator PE (Personal Edition) tonight when I got home from work, and I’ve spent the better part of the evening playing with it.

Early impressions – It’ll be easy to manipulate sooner than I thought. The combination of camera control and motion control in 1 unit take a little getting used to.

However, the flycam component makes it all worthwhile. This is THE machinima tool of the ages. It is SO smooth and simple to use…just a matter of getting the hang of the control and really MASTERING it.

In an effort to show off its potential, I ran over to Lukas Mensing’s Lauk’s Nest build in Alviso sim and grabbed some footage of Cheen Pitney’s classic “Eagle in Flight” scuplture. Being suspended in the air, I could grab shots from a number of angles. While this looks like a number of “scenes,” it was really one long take that my Roxio software split up.

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Enjoy! Hope to show you more (and better) machinima in the days ahead.

Reason #234,674,256 why Cheen Pitney is The Man

Gazing upon Cheen’s “Gymnasts” for the first time, I was struck with how much they looked like, “Is It Love.”  So I asked him about it.  Here’s what he said:

 yes, they are part of the art for everyone series, hahahahah, lo prim for lo budgets plus the olympics are coming up

“art for everyone series.”  Too cool.  All of the SL sculpture greats should think like Cheen.

Cheen Pitney’s “If You Love”

This is the first Second Life sculpture piece I ever bought (OK, not THIS one, but a replica of it…). Also was the first piece ever displayed at Oyster Bay (back before it was a sculpture garden, it was both in my little waterfront house and then down in my underwater “aquarium” space.

I think you can pretty clearly see the resemblance to the new “Gymnasts” at Oyster Bay. I like how Cheen made the adaptation – from the more romantic framing of this piece to the playfulness of the “Gymnasts.”

A real nice piece, and a trip down memory land. I’m so glad to see Cheen going back to his roots with his latest work.
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Cheen Pitney’s “Gymnasts”

Tonight’s SL photo is a no-brainer; Cheen IM’d me and told me he moved his former winged piece out and replaced it with this troupe of gymnasts. Cheen has such a variety of styles, ranging from some of the most realistic work you’ll see in SL to some of the more abstract, like these pieces.

They also remind me of a very early Cheen piece, “If You Love.” Actually, it looks like Cheen went back to “If You Love” and built upon it with the whimsical gymnastic equipment…which is quite fun!

I think I’ll double-feature this and grab a photo of that piece too.
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Special machinima Christmas gift from Cheen & Kronos

At the base of the Oyster Bay Christmas tree – the new Kronos Kirkorian machinima about Cheen Pitney’s “Water is Life.” It’s a powerful statement about the role of water in our lives and our world…and how we also abuse this precious resource. Kudos to Cheen for the build, and to Kronos for the machinima!
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