Random thoughts on a Sunday NetVibes scan…

  • I probably ought to read The Making of Second Life, but I’m not sure I can stomach another fanboy piece. We get enough of that on some of the more “popular” SL blogs.
  • The Lindens released a “clarification” (my term, not theirs) on their new trademark lockdown rules. Within 24 hours, a wildcat user group called DiSSENTiON released this video warning to Linden Lab, calling them out on their bass-ackwards trademark stance as well as their intents to wall off the grid for corporate customers. Lest you think that these guys are jokers, they did some (un)healthy damage at the opening of the I-World sim. I wouldn’t mess with them, especially as they’re threatening to release the CopyBot to the public. Oh, wait, the Lindens don’t care about content theft
  • Charlot Dickins is one amazing SL sculptor. And she even made sculptie feet!
  • Hyper-interactive modern art garden? Ummm…..ok….
  • I’m not a woman, nor are any of my avatars, but they would shop at PixelDolls if they were. Consistently wonderful designs that appear to execute well in Second Life.
  • Speaking of consistency, the SL Fashion Diva blog is the place I go when I want to see fantastic SL photography, guaranteed. These ladies have made WindLight their own.
  • Lastly, a bit of a funny (At least I think it’s funny) – I was looking at blog traffic, and it seems that while the blog is called Second Arts and dedicated to Second Life-generated artwork, blog readership spikes whenever I write about something NOT related to Secodn Life art!  Sigh…

“A Madcow Madhouse!”

Callipygian Christensen follows up on her sim-wide AM Radio exhibit with an exposition of Madcow Cosmos. I’ve seen a lot of his work from his repeated showings at Oyster Bay, but Madcow’s clearly been busy in addition to what I’ve seen….TONS of new works mixing his bones, steampunk and many, many more designs. Even some human figures (who knew?). Definitely worth seeing. Madcow is one of the true geniuses of Second Life art and sculpture; you’ll never see a vision like his from anyone else.
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[UPDATE: Charlot Dickins (whose blog is quickly becoming a must-read) has an excellent visual recap of the Madcow Cosmos show.  …   And Isolde Flamand’s photos from the Madcow Madhouse are just incredible!]

Charlot Dickins has a blog!

Oooh how exciting…Charlot is one of the SL sculpture world’s brighter lights, first mastering the basic prim…as evidenced by her SL classic polar bears:

…to her latest sculptie-based creations like Marilyn:

…and her Boxer Feeling Blue:

Now she has a blog, Charlot’s Web, and she’s going to tell about her works and how they came about.  Love it…good luck blogging, Charlot!

At the base of the Oyster Bay Christmas tree

This is a sculptie snowman, designed by sculptie wizard Charlot Dickins. A perfect addition under the Madcow Cosmos’ steampunk Christmas tree!
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“TAGGED!” – 8 random facts about me

Having been tagged by Cheen Pitney, Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe, I guess I can’t hide from the blog trend of saying 8 random facts about yourself. So here we go…but I’m going to stick with Second Life as opposed to talking about my “Real Life.” In all honesty, my Second Life is much more interesting!

  1. I have 3 “alts.” One is a purple furry…he’s my accountant. One is my work alt (yeah, I have a little RL vocational bleedover…but not as much as I’d like). The other is my “peace and quiet” alt. Why 3? Because I don’t have 4…
  2. I blew off Orientation Island when I rezzed inworld over a year ago. And I don’t regret it.
  3. I won’t even acknowledge unsolicited teleport requests with a reply. In my opinion, that’s the height of SL rudeness.
  4. Perhaps my favorite HUD is the EmoterHUD. It’s a freebie, but it can make for entire minutes of fun as the user makes his/her avatar actually have something resembling human expressions. Case in point:
  5. I feel inferior to nearly all of the SL sculpture artists, photographers and machinimists with whom I interact, making my role as a “gallery” owner kinda interesting. I mean, the artisans are the creative ones. I just own land.
  6. I read SL men’s style blogs. A lot. Like embarassingly so.
  7. Speaking of blogs, I use NetVibes to track 86 SL-related blogs at last count. And that number grows by one or two every week. Yow!
  8. I use Skype and Google Talk to talk with close friends quite a bit while I’m inworld, but I rarely use SL voice.

Whew! Made it! Now I have to choose 8 people to “tag,” so they have to offer their 8 random facts. That means you’re up, Charlot Dickins, elros Tuominen, MoShang Zhao, Daedalus Young, Sasun Steinbeck, Joeru Pugilist, PleaseWakeMeUp Idler and Finny Yates. If any of you 8 want to offer your 8 random facts on my blog, please feel free to post them as comments for this blog entry and I’ll point them out with direct links. Heck, enough people have been tagged that I’ll be happy to host anyone who needs a place to post their 8 random facts.

If you’re interested in the 8 random facts of some other friends of Oyster Bay, check out: Isolde Flamand, Sunn Thunders and Spaceman Opus. Don’t forget Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe at the top.

Photoessay: Dancing amongst the sculptures

It was a slow Friday night, and I was enjoying the new First Nations Dancers pieces from Cheen Pitney. The pieces really grabbed me, and my little pixellated avi was drawn to join in the dance with those towering pieces.

One thing led to another, and this admittedly self-indulgent photoessay of my journey around the sculptures of Oyster Bay resulted. There’s a sense of joy and freedom of being able to interact with the art in such a way – I encourage everyone to find such joy and fun in their SL experiences!

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Two new “sculptie” sculptures at Oyster Bay

When it rains, it pours! Two GREAT new sculptie pieces arrived at Oyster Bay today.

First was “The Ascent” by Pumpkin Tripsa. The Oyster Bay aquatic theme shines through…

Then Charlot Dickins new piece, “A Boxer Feeling Blue”:

When sculpties came onto the scene, there was speculation that they would revolutionize SL sculpture art. It didn’t happen immediately, largely because there’s a learning curve when designing sculpties. That led many to think that sculpties were all hype.

I’m not so sure about that now. Looks to me like sculpties have come into the mix. Come check these great pieces out!

[UPDATE: Read Daedalus Young’s comment on this topic…it’s a great one.]