Closing AM Radio’s “The Refuge and The Expansion”


Saying goodbye for now.. by Callipygian Christensen, posted on Flickr

"Saying goodbye for now.." by Callipygian Christensen, posted on Flickr

From exhibition organizer Callipygian Christensen…this is one of those moments where it’s completely appropriate to lament the impermanence of Second Life builds.  


The Refuge and Expansion has been installed in the Wales sims for 10 months – a long time in SL, but it feels like such a short time as I sit and say goodbye. Sunset falls on The Refuge and Expansion on Sunday May 31st. There will be a final benefit concert for Heifer International from 3 -6 PM SL time, featuring Colemarie Soleil, Joaquin Gustav and Kelvinblue Oh.

Please join us to support a great cause, and to say goodbye (for now) to the Refuge. 

Get your last looks in now!

Museum of SL Photography

Callipygian Christensen sent me an invite to a seemingly new arts venue, the Museum of SL Photography.  Located in the Fashionista sim, it’s a quasi-reproduction of the Guggenheim museum in New York City:

Museum of SL Photography

Museum of SL Photography

The round, open interior makes for a great SL viewer experience.  Stand in the middle of the room and simply circle your viewer around the different levels of photos, easily able to zoom in on the pieces you want to inspect more closely:

Only 2 of the museum’s 6 levels are filled at present, but what’s there is quite good…and there’s plenty of room to grow:  


Museum of SL Photography - Interior wall view

Museum of SL Photography - Interior wall view

Photographers on display are Callipygian Christensen, Monroe Snook, Keith Extraordinaire, Cienega Soon, Kee Llewellyn, Trinidad Anatine.  It’s a strong combination of styles in a neutral setting, presented by some real talents.  

My only complaint – the prim-built replicas of avatars (in the “Away” setting, all hunched over) are really tacky and detract from what should be a space that inspires creativity and appreciation for those who have found their own creative voice using this exciting medium.   But don’t let that stop you from looking around!

The Refuge and The Expansion – Flickr group grows exponentially

Here’s a small sampling of the Flickr group for The Refuge and The Expansion, AM Radio’s fantastic build:

Thanks to Callipgyian Christensen for telling me about this great group.  It’s been live for a week and already has over 400 photos posted.  Definitely worth a look, especially if you are into inworld photography.

Visit this incredible build!

AM Radio’s “The Refuge and the Expansion”

It looks like The Refuge and The Expansion – AM Radio’s 2-sim build – will be opening this weekend.  It’s REALLY impressive and worth the trip when opened.   Set your teleporters for this location!

AM Radio is hard at work….

….and he has 2 entire sims to work with!  I’ve seen the work in progress, and it’s classic AM Radio.  Rockwell and Wyeth have nothing on the 3D landscapes that he paints with prims and textures.

Thanks to Callipygian Christensen for inviting me over for a preview.  Sadly, no pre-opening photos were permitted…and I wouldn’t test the friendship of someone like Calli.  But trust me…it’ll be worth the wait!

Want a hint at the theme this work?  Think “crossroads” and “new wheat field”.

I’m so glad I came inworld tonight…

AM Radio’s “The Quiet”

AM’s got a new build, and his textures are outta sight (as always). The sim is a simple build, focussing on the immersive quality and feelings of simplicity and serenity. In many ways, this is like his wheatfield build, but this one focusses more on the isolation of winter. Well done, worth the visit. Thanks to Calli for showing this to me!
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Callipygian Christensen’s “Views of Second Life” show

Calli has another wonderful show up here…some wonderful “landscape” shots. I only wish that she had room for a few more pieces! That being said, the works that are on display are definitely worth seeing.
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