What’s going on in the Second Arts?

I’ll try the open thread approach this week – Anyone with a Second Life art exhibition (especially those using the Second Life virtual world as a tool in creating the artwork, as opposed to those that simply use it as a vehicle to display RL works), post your information in the comments.  Don’t forget a SLURL so we can teleport over!

If you’ve seen a great art display by someone else and want to share the knowledge, please post as well in the comments.

To kick things off, I’ll reprint a release I received after the fold.  I can’t wait to see what you have to report from the Grid!

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SAVE LAUK’S NEST: Celebrating a jewel of Second Life

Save Lauk’s Nest

The drive to save Lauk’s Nest from doom as a result of the sudden European Value Added Tax policy imposed by Linden Lab continues in the best way that the Second Life art community knows how – with an awareness-building art show and music event!

Come join us on Saturday, 6 October at Lauk’s Nest in Second Life’s Alviso sim for an afternoon (evening, if you’re in Europe) of joyous activism as we try to rally resident support for this wonderful place in Second Life.

Artists – visual and musical – will be added throughout the course of the week, so check back in for an updated list of event.


  • Alizarin Goldflake
  • Taxus Gustafson
  • Xenophile Neurocam
  • Yarosh Nohkan
  • Cyanide Seelowe
  • Sabine Stonebender
  • Gore Suntzu
  • Sunn Thunders
  • elros Tuominen
  • Morris Vig
  • Breeze Winnfield
  • Ub Yifu
  • More to come!


  • 11:00-11:30 AM SLT – Andreus Gustafson
  • 11:3 AM0-Noon SLT – MoShang Zhao
  • Noon-2PM SLT – DJ Doubledown Tandino

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New pieces, artist at Oyster Bay

A few new pieces to tell you about at Oyster Bay – all of which are more than worth checking out…

First off, Cheen Pitney offers us BZZZZZD – a wonderful abstract version of the classic hummingbird. I hope his texture work comes through on this photo…it’s a creative way of designing the wings and head of the bird. Oh – the body is a cool rotating texture as well.

Breeze Winnfield offers us indecision! – a nifty kinetic piece bringing light, movement and pulsating, changing colors together for a real crowd-pleaser. Breeze tells me that this is quite the popular piece. A single snapshot doesn’t do it justice, but here’s my best try:

Lastly, our newest artisan at Oyster Bay – Alizarin Goldflake. Her “dynamic art” style is beautiful from afar, or entrancing when you come within! We’ve got a couple pieces, Red & Black Stormclouds and Frosted Spruce Lace 1.2, for your viewing pleasure.

Great pieces, all!  Come check them out!