Vig’s Unified Theory of Second Life

OK, try this one on. The technical quality of the user experience in Second Life ™ is inversely proportional to the social quality of the user experience. Why do I say that?  Simple.  The best (and most hyped) social events in Second Life are those that attract masses of avatars to a single place.  Problem […]

HIDDEN STARAX!: David and Goliath, Kong!

As part of the inworld component of the Second Life Community Convention, Crescent Moon Museum owner Tayzia Abbatoir asked that Oyster Bay show some of Starax Statosky’s finest works during this period.  So we held out until now, bringing you two hallmark pieces, David and Goliath and Kong. David and Goliath’s texturing makes photo renditions […]

As a basis of comparison…

…this is what “computer game” users are used to seeing.  One would figure that noobs are coming from this perspective: So that’s where the virtual world bar is at.  I acknowledge that there is some great machinima being made, just as this is a great machinima, but….does SL look like this all of the time? […]

The importance of a quality social experience in SL

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the interest in Vig’s Unified Theory of Second Life ™.  (Hat tip to Hamlet Au, who I’ve never met but appears to be a reader of this humble blog as he put the spotlight on my theory.)  Thanks to all those who have offered comments. I’ve been mulling this theory […]

Finny Yates checked out the Madcow Cosmos exhibit

…and, in the process, further proved Vig’s Theory of SL Sculpture: The “coolness” of an SL sculpture correlates with its ability to be sat upon. Thanks, Finny! Don’t forget to check out this fantastic show on your own, readers!

Anakin Gallacher concert recap

Anakin played to a large Oyster Bay audience last night, and his masterful saxophone grabbed the audience from the outset. More after the fold….

HIDDEN STARAX!: 6 pieces held over…

My real life circumstances have changed somewhat in the last three weeks, and this week featured three straight evenings of performance-related issues (Monday and Tuesday at the Playboy sim for Culturebeats, Wednesday at our Cypress Rosewood show) – so I literally have had no time to swap Hidden Starax! pieces like I should have last […]