August DeepSexyCool CultureBeats recap

What a fun evening….SL’s best DJ in Doubledown Tandino and 3 fantastic Oyster Bay artists in Cheen Pitney, Jazz Calhern and Finny Yates!  Thanks to the folks at Playboy for doing it right and supporting the arts in Second Life.  Here are a few snaps from the event, which was a collaboration by Doubledown’s Ravelong […]

DeepSexyCool – The event!

Yesterday was the big day for the Playboy sim’s DeepSexyCool show, which was hosted by DJ Doubledown Tandino. Lots of great art (and artists!) on hand for the show. Sabine Stonebender also grabbed a snapshot of her sea dragon prior to the festivities – a great shot, don’t you think? Daedalus Young captured the fantastic […]

All set up for DeepSexyCool: Culturebeats!

The better part of the day has been spent in the Playboy sim, working on the DeepSexyCool: Culturebeats show.  I’m tight on time, so I asked Isolde Flamand to take some quick snapshots to set the scene for this evening’s party….

31 July: Oyster Bay “CultureBeats” on Doubledown’s DeepSexyCool show

SL’s best DJ, Doubledown Tandino asked for some help putting together an art show for his weekly DeepSexyCool show at the Playboy sim a week from today, 31 July, from 6-10PM SLT. Doubledown wanted primarily wall art (2D pieces), so I put out an all-hands request for submissions from the SL art community. In the […]

ARTHOLE shows how to get media for Second Life art

Nebulosis Severine and Arahan Claveau have been working toward the opening of their ARTHOLE gallery space in Second Life for some time, and their success in gaining attention will be well-deserved. Neb just posted the PDF of the media package that they’re circulating to promote coverage of their opening. This is VERY well done, much […]

Culturebeats on Tuesday!

DJ Doubledown Tandino enjoyed the first DeepSexyCool CultureBeats show so much that he is gonna do it again! Tomorrow (Tuesday) from 6-10PM SLT at the Playboy sim, visitors can groove with Second Life’s finest DJ and admire the works of the following SL artisans: Cheen Pitney, Finny Yates and Jazz Calhern. Amazing sculpture, photography and […]

Three incredible gallery RE-openings this week

Second Life art fans need to check out these 3 art gallery launches following their remodelings, the Artisan Galleria Skyline Art Experience, JazzWorks and The Gallery at Shengri La. Each is a reflection of the creative vision of their owner and is DEFINITELY worth a visit. Artisan Galleria Skyline Art Experience Jordan Morgenrote (owner and […]

More great Oyster Bay photos

I ran into Texanna Schumann at the Playboy sim while setting up for DeepSexyCool: CultureBeats, and she told me that she had taken a couple snaps from Oyster Bay and posted them on her blog. How nice! Origin Rang, from his amazing performance: And Cheen Pitney’s golden eagle: Thanks, Texanna!

Stepping out(side Oyster Bay) this week

It promises to be an interesting week for yours truly as two public appearances will raise the profile for Oyster Bay within the Metaverse and, perhaps, within Real Life. Monday night (7-8PM SLT), Cypress Rosewood will host me on “When Worlds Collide,” a weekly live avatar interview that broadcasts live over the air into Nashville, […]

MoShang Zhao recap and photos

As promised, MoShang’s show offered some fantastic Chinese Chill for the crowd at Oyster Bay last night. Playing straight from Taiwan on a wind MIDI device (sorry, exact name escapes me).  This was a fascinating instrument, as he was able to take what was described as a saxophone/clarinet-style instrument and make countless sounds through the […]