Reflections on Sacred Space

“Just in time for Easter…” (sounds like a used car ad, or a bad movie trailer, doesn’t it?) I finally finished this project that I’ve been working on for some time. Here’s a copy of the notecard, as well as a couple photos to whet your appetite. Stop by and experience it for yourself. Reflections […]

Closing reflections on my sacred space

Of all of the artistic efforts I’ve actually created on my own in Second Life (as opposed to the many that I’ve marketed, promoted and hosted), there are two that really stand out in my mind. The first is the Multicolor Twist (left), my first (and arguably my best) SL sculpture. Three prims of smooth, […]

Princess Ivory’s “Sacred Space” experience

Princess told me that she was going to make a slide show for Second Arts of her visit to “Reflections on Sacred Space,” and here it is: It makes me feel so good to know that someone had that type of experience in the build. I doubt I could construct anything more personal.

Time to go on walkabout

Continuing the theme of “What’s your SLpurpose?” and sensing ongoing change in my RL circumstances that will likely impact my SL world in unexpected ways…I find myself reflecting more and more on what that means. This whole idea of SLpurpose really hits home with me. My “Reflections on Sacred Space” build probably was a manifestation […]

The start of the new Vig estate

With my “Reflections on Sacred Space” build gone, it’s time to finally start building my long-awaited “mansion.” I started with the observation tower out in the water and quickly modified and replicated it into….sculpture platforms. I guess some things aren’t meant to get out of one’s system. With the water taken care of, I’ll start […]