What are your “go-to” Second Life art blogs?

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things Second Life-wise.  Part of that is cleaning up the blogroll to reflect the current world of Second Life-related art and artisans.

I’ve pared back the dead/inactive blogs and sites…now it’s time to populate it with the newer entries. For that, I need your help.

What blogs do you look to in order to keep abreast of the Second Life art scene?  Whose artisan blogs do you enjoy reading?  Let me know in the comments (with links, please!), and I’ll add them to the lists on the left-hand-column!

Prims gone wild!

OMG – get a load of this bracelet! Well constructed, indeed, to but such heinous ends!! (My eyes!!)
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Morgana Nagorski’s “Serenade” exhibit

Apologies for being gone for a while; I have a new RL baby and will try to post as I can….like now! Morgana Nagorski has another new inworld photography show, “Serenade,” at the Symphony sim and combines lush landscapes with intriguing figure shots over three floors of the compact gallery. I really like Morgana’s work as most everything in the show appealed to me, but I must mention that the gallery itself was a little odd…the wall textures were inconsistent in spots, and there were thin black lines running across my viewer (perhaps shadow prims gone wild?). Regardless, don’t let those technical matters detact you from a very impressive show. Morgana is quite a photography talent!
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