Twilight’s Peace Art Gallery & Park – New space, new exhibits

Twilight's Peace 2.0

Just received from Jonah Zenovka:

Shiki, Second Life – August 11, 2009 – Twilight’s Peace Art Gallery & Park is pleased to announce the opening of our newly redesigned and expanded arts center featuring works by seven amazing visiting artists. We invite you to enjoy the exhibit spaces, lounge by the river, and join us for many exciting live music events that celebrate art, including a special grand opening celebration to be announced.

In the main building you’ll discover the photography of Carabella Babii as well as colorful pieces by Juliete3d Quinzet and a fabulous collection of pour and drip paintings by Gracie Kendal. The second floor features an evocative collection of Second Life photography by Sapphoria Shilova.

In the courtyard, Em Larsson displays selections from her new Scotland series, and across the water in our brand new art pavillions we welcome Krissy Sinclair with brand new figural pieces, and Dane Fride takes us to Morocco with his latest photos.

Be sure to watch the events calendar as we welcome to the Twilight’s Peace Riverside Stage a quality mix of some of SL’s favorite performers, exciting new voices, and fun dj personalities.

Twilight’s Peace is a group committed to the following charter: There comes a time when people – after growing weary of intolerance, violence and oppression –  must band together in an effort to bring peace to our communities.  Twilight’s Peace is an interfaith group dedicated to bringing people together from all religions, races and cultures to advance peace worldwide.  Members employ art, music and discussion as tools for working toward this goal.

Twilight’s Peace is an open enrollment group, so please join and invite your friends.  If you have suggestions regarding art, programming, or philanthropies please contact either Jonah Zenovka or Alexxa Laval.

The L$25,000 inworld photo

You’re looking at it!

The Willow Weeps by Morgana Nagorski

"The Willow Weeps" by Morgana Nagorski

Morgana Nagorski’s “The Willow Weeps” sold at an auction organized by Mariposa Upshaw, who had this to say:

I was recently given the opportunity to become curator of the gallery at the opera house on the sim of Australia by owners Pants Lilliehook and Mahala Peccable.
This happily coincided with the Jamm for Genes charity weekend being organized by australian rl and sl musician, Ohmy Kidd.
From OhMy Kidd about Jamm for Genes:  “Jamm for Genes” is part of the annual “Jeans for Genes” fundraiser for the Childrens  Medical Research Institute, an Australian charity with global benefits. “Jamm for Genes” is all about live music raising money, for research into cell biology that helps with both prevention and cure of childhood, congenital and genetic diseases.
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“I am so thrilled and it IS a great charaity and it IS Australian . . .as am I,” Morgana added.  “It is a nice feeling on 2 levels…1. That someone liked my work THAT MUCH and 2. Indirectly I contributed.”

You sure did!  Congratulations, Morgana!