Elsbeth Writer’s Landscape Photography

Virtual photographer (and photography instructor – good on her for sharing the wealth!) Elsbeth Writer offers a number of apparently unretouched offerings of SL’s natural settings at the Picture Your World gallery. She’s a good shot with a nice sense of framing of the picture. And I’m just amazed that she found so many “undeveloped” areas in Second Life! Check out her collection of paths and trails on the upper level.
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Marianne McCann at the Willowdale Gallery & Museum

SL’s great child avatar (and Bay City economic developer!) put a collection of 20 or so pieces on display in Willowdale. I really enjoy Mari’s work – her perspective is so unique, playing to the sense of wonder and joy in being a child in any setting. She’s also got a few REALLY strong landscapes on display as well. I gather this show is closing soon, so stop by as soon as possible!
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Discussion on RL/SL transfer in art

Sasun Steinbeck hosted a panel discussion on art in RL and SL.  Interesting dialogue – the transcript is worth a read.

Interestingly, and the reason I post this link here, is that the focus appeared to at least in part be on the transfer of SL art into RL respect/activity, as opposed to those who use SL as a vehicle to present their RL works.  

As longtime readers know, this blog is about SL-generated artwork.  The RL component is tangential, at least to me.  But don’t let that detract from Sasun’s good works…

Refreshing the Blogroll…help!

A quick stroll through the blog to read Nazz’s great new piece  revealed a neglected Blogroll of GREAT Second Life-related arts (both visual and music) blogs.  So it’s time to update it.

Any suggestions for additions/subtractions from the readers?  Post your ideas in the comments!