Morgana Nagorski’s “Circus Quirkus” at Kelly Yap’s gallery

Kelly Yap has a number of artists contributing to the circus-themed art show (replete with an endless loop of carnival music and sounds), and the works of Special Jewell and Morgana Nagorski stood out for me.

Never having seen Morgana’s works before, I’ll give her the snapshot this time – but both mini-exhibtions are strong. Morgana does some wonderful things with textures and light, not to mention the loose interpretation of the theme that begins to explore the relationships between performance and burlesque. I REALLY liked her work and hope to see more soon!

This show is on display until June 12.
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Elsbeth Writer’s Landscape Photography

Virtual photographer (and photography instructor – good on her for sharing the wealth!) Elsbeth Writer offers a number of apparently unretouched offerings of SL’s natural settings at the Picture Your World gallery. She’s a good shot with a nice sense of framing of the picture. And I’m just amazed that she found so many “undeveloped” areas in Second Life! Check out her collection of paths and trails on the upper level.
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Marianne McCann at the Willowdale Gallery & Museum

SL’s great child avatar (and Bay City economic developer!) put a collection of 20 or so pieces on display in Willowdale. I really enjoy Mari’s work – her perspective is so unique, playing to the sense of wonder and joy in being a child in any setting. She’s also got a few REALLY strong landscapes on display as well. I gather this show is closing soon, so stop by as soon as possible!
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