Discussion on RL/SL transfer in art

Sasun Steinbeck hosted a panel discussion on art in RL and SL.  Interesting dialogue – the transcript is worth a read.

Interestingly, and the reason I post this link here, is that the focus appeared to at least in part be on the transfer of SL art into RL respect/activity, as opposed to those who use SL as a vehicle to present their RL works.  

As longtime readers know, this blog is about SL-generated artwork.  The RL component is tangential, at least to me.  But don’t let that detract from Sasun’s good works…

Refreshing the Blogroll…help!

A quick stroll through the blog to read Nazz’s great new piece  revealed a neglected Blogroll of GREAT Second Life-related arts (both visual and music) blogs.  So it’s time to update it.

Any suggestions for additions/subtractions from the readers?  Post your ideas in the comments!