Callipygian Christensen’s “Night Hawk”

Shengri La sim owner Shenlei Flasheart and I enjoy one of Calli’s latest – part of a 4-level spring rotation featuring a fresh batch of Ms. Christensen’s finest. Calli actually has THREE openings at Shengri La this weekend: 1) This show, 2) A Shengri La retrospective at the Small Gallery and 3) A special exhibit on the OpenSim Shengri La Spirit build. Another tour de force from one of SL’s great photographers!
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We’re #44!

That’s per Second Effects, in their latest round of Second Life-related blog analysis.  Over 1,200 Second Life-related blogs – oh my!  (But no love for The Morris Vig Experience – so sad!)

44 out of 1,200.  Not bad.  Guess I’d better start writing some more about the grid art scene – or get some help!