CARP presents “Metropolis” in Second Life

I’ve been hearing that the CARP/Diabolous team responsible for the inworld tour de force of Pink Floyd’s The Wall was at it again, this time making an inworld version of Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 science fiction silent motion picture, Metropolis. Today, I finally got around to attending a performance.

[Side thought: It’s like Josina Burgess, Debbie Trilling and their partners in the SL theatric arts at CARP know exactly what trips my artistic trigger.  I love Pink Floyd and Roger Waters’ work, hence my enjoyment of The Wall.  In the Viggy collection of classic movie DVD’s, Metropolis (even my crappy version of it) sits right alongside Citizen Kane and Casablanca.  The history of the Metropolis movie is really something interesting, too…click here for more info on that.  But I digress…]

My verdict (like mine is important…a debatable point)?  CARP’s Metropolis is at least the peer of their version of The Wall, if not its superior.  The subject matter for both stories is equally grand, and CARP uses Metropolis as an allegory for the state of the world much like they did with The Wall:

So we see Lang’s vision of the future…the everlasting difference of the rich and poor, the elite and the worker, the greedy people on the top and the suffering masses…very much alive today as now we see what greediness of the elite did to the world- economics and us, the people.

Today we are living a crisis that is maybe worse then the one just after the War.

The main message of Metropolis was that it gave a solution to Post-War Germany to attempt a Social Market.

This in fact is what Metropolis as a movie created at that time. And this was exactly 60 years ago!

Are we powerless and resigned ?

Or do we change this future?

Do we change our own Metropolis?

With that as foreshadowing….there’s MUCH more after the fold, including a 100-plus piece slideshow to document this visual treat…

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