Inworld photography at Angel and Halo Galleries

A brief artsy walkabout led me to the Angel & Halo Galleries. I knew that Talia Fournier, whose works I enjoy, was showing….and her display lived up to expectations. Ro Gastel also caught my eye. Check them both out in the slideshow, and stop by the gallery to see their works up close (as you really should see them…the detail is something else!).

2 Responses

  1. Nice to see our galleries in your blog. You may want to know that Halo Gallery has been relocated to Livyathan (sim to the west), Angel Gallery will be moved to Aisling Myst (sim to the Southwest). Talia and Ro’s artwork will be relocated to Aisling Gallery under the ballroom on Aisling Myst (sim to the Southwest). We hope the moves will be completed by the 27th April. Come visit, Dance in the ballroom, see the new artwork and visit the roleplay areas “Into the Mystic”

    Doran Forzane on behalf of Alanah Wildcat, Galleries curator

  2. […] inworld-photography-at-angel-and-halo-galleries […]

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