Art gallery growth in SL passes 600 mark


From Sasun Steinbeck, leader of the Art Gallery Owners SL group:


Art Is Alive and Well in the World of Second Life – Over 600 Art Galleries Confirmed As Growth Continues

On Feb 16th, the Galleries of Second Life list published by Sasun Steinbeck broke the 600 mark with 455 general galleries, 101 photography galleries, and 46 erotic galleries cataloged on her well-known list. Contrary to fears of a mass migration of creativity out of Second Life, this demonstrates that art is continuing on a steady growth curve for the benefit and enrichment of all the citizens of Second Life.

“I’ve been maintaining this list since may 2006, and I’m extremely happy and proud to see us reach this amazing level of growth in the art world of Second Life,” said Sasun Steinbeck. “This is truly a milestone event.”

Sasun Steinbeck uses a sophisticated scripted network of kiosks throughout Second Life that she designed and implemented to automate the collection of current data on all of the art galleries in Second Life, enabling weekly updates to be published via notecard and a gallery tour HUD distributed by the kiosks as well as her blog. This is her 96th edition of the list.

The current edition of the Galleries of Second Life list can be found at

For more information, please contact Sasun Steinbeck in-world.

Courtesy of Sasun Steinbeck

Photobook: “Changing Hues” opening party

What a great couple of hours!  Thanks to Phinn for making this afternoon in Second Life so enjoyable.  And you to EVERYONE for coming!  (If you showed up, I probably snapped a photo of you…)

“Changing Hues” opens Saturday!



featuring Phinn Boffin

Saturday, February 7 – Noon PST

Second Arts photography gallery is pleased to welcome Phinn Boffin in a rare exhibition of her inworld photography, “Changing Hues.” Please join us at a reception for Phinn as we celebrate the opening of her show. Over three and a half years’ worth of experience in virtual photography has culminated in this collection of over 30 pieces, most of which show off the unretouched vision of the pixie photographer. It’s a magical vision, from one of SL’s great creative minds.  Please join us!