Machinima appreciation: “Avatar” by Lainy Voom

This is a bit of an oldie but a goodie.  I’ve been thinking about machinima recently and how much I’d like to put one together.  This probably comes from the fact that I’ve had quite a bit of driving for RL work and, listening to the radio, my mind drifts into mental storyboards for the songs that I’m listening to at the moment.

When thinking about the type of machinima to make, I’ve noticed that most are either REALLY well done but somewhat moody, or they’re light and upbeat while looking a little – um – simplistic.  One machinima came to mind, however, that split the difference in that it’s light and upbeat while still reasonably complex, Lainy Voom’s “Avatar”.  So, as it’s on my mind, I thought it would be fun to share my appreciation for Lainy’s considerable talents.

Here’s “Avatar”.  Enjoy – and make sure you maximize the image to full screen to take it all in…it flies by quite fast!

(Hat tip to Corcosman Voom – no relation – for helping me find this piece.  Hadn’t thought to look on Vimeo!)

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