Machinima appreciation: “Avatar” by Lainy Voom

This is a bit of an oldie but a goodie.  I’ve been thinking about machinima recently and how much I’d like to put one together.  This probably comes from the fact that I’ve had quite a bit of driving for RL work and, listening to the radio, my mind drifts into mental storyboards for the songs that I’m listening to at the moment.

When thinking about the type of machinima to make, I’ve noticed that most are either REALLY well done but somewhat moody, or they’re light and upbeat while looking a little – um – simplistic.  One machinima came to mind, however, that split the difference in that it’s light and upbeat while still reasonably complex, Lainy Voom’s “Avatar”.  So, as it’s on my mind, I thought it would be fun to share my appreciation for Lainy’s considerable talents.

Here’s “Avatar”.  Enjoy – and make sure you maximize the image to full screen to take it all in…it flies by quite fast!

(Hat tip to Corcosman Voom – no relation – for helping me find this piece.  Hadn’t thought to look on Vimeo!)

The wierdness that is Bay City, part one

Honest, I don’t know how I get caught up in this stuff.

I’m a member of the Bay City Alliance group, “an informal group for communicating, marketing, and planning events and celebrations” (per BlueGin Yifu, the group owner).  Keeping in mind that I enjoy a good celebratory event or two at Second Arts, I feel that this type of group is both good for my little gallery but, more importantly, good that my gallery helps promote a positive message about Bay City and the great people who reside there.

BGY, as I call her, convenes weekly meetings on Sunday afternoon at the Bay City Centre, a great place that hosts informational signage about the many stores, galleries and places of note in Bay City.  The meetings themselves cover the gamut of issues related to any geographic community of interest in Second Life: 1) How to build traffic, 2) How to ensure a steady stream of fresh events/content to get the traffic to make a habit of coming to Bay City, 3) How to best communicate with the Lindens as a community (in part so they honor their commitment to build an infohub in Bay City), etc.  The all-volunteer core membership has organized parades, promoted member events and even distributed holiday decorations to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

And then there are the mall cops.

Yes, Bay City has a self-designated police station.  SL police is a form of roleplay where the members “patrol” the community and try to promote law and order.  I dealt with this type of group when I owned Oyster Bay – the SL PD was in the Shepherd sim – and I found that they were good for bugging the dickens out of me and shooting temp-rez bullets all over the sim.  Suffice to say I wasn’t thrilled when this gang set up shop down the street from Second Arts.  But it’s mainland, and we all have to put up with each other’s peculiarities and eccentricies.  That’s part of the “joy” that is mainland!

The cops in Bay City, though, have a different approach.  They want to build upon the stylistic (art deco-ish) and landscape (flat) uniformity of the Bay City infrastructure by organizing a self-government.  Here’s their initial presentation, from a NON-Bay City Alliance meeting held at the cops’ place on February 15.  I thought I was at that meeting, but the meeting transcript says I was not – and I can’t believe that my comments would have been edited out.  I must’ve seen the presentation at a subsequent gathering.

As for this Metaverse Republic thing, I’ve got a notecard with some FAQ about them after the fold…

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