Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2009 from Morris Vig

(Better late than never, eh?)

What makes Chouchou more special than any other creative mind?

Hamlet Au notes that the inworld musical duo known as Chouchou has announced that they feel that they need direct financial donations to justify staying inworld.  This is downright silly.

Let’s be honest with ourselves as artists (or in my case, quasi-artists who like to support the art-creating class): You get support if you actually DO something.  It’s even easier to get support if you are talented, which Chouchou is.

Photo posted on Flickr by Abigale Heron

Photo posted on Flickr by Abigale Heron

Problem is, Chouchou has been largely absent from inworld performing for the past 6 months or so.  I can’t recall the last time a group announcement promoted a show (but their group notice archive, I can only look back 2 weeks and only see a notice of a new song release).  Looking at Chouchou’s blog, I note that either they are not keeping their performance schedule up to date or have not performed inworld since July 6.  In fact, the only activity on their blog since July was the announcement of a new song right after Christmas.   Their MySpace activity is a little harder to gauge, but it appears that they may have uploaded a couple songs recently by comparing playcounts.  That, and their note of poverty…

I am a fan of Chouchou.  I have purchased their music online.  I have gone to their shows and tipped them generously.  I likely would continue to do so if they DID SOMETHING worth contributing to.  But even U2 has to put out new music and goes on tour to maintain relevance in the music and cultural worlds. 

Photo posted on Snapzilla by Seagel Neville

Photo posted on Snapzilla by Seagel Neville

Also, this concept of extorting the inworld populace in exchange for the presence of Those Who Are So Much Better Than Thou is crap.  The only way to get anything close to welfare inworld (barring a sugar daddy, and I’ll acknowledge that some talented artisans have such arrangements) is to get a premium Second Life account from Linden Lab and get – what – L$300/week?  Otherwise, I’ll echo Hathead Rickenbacker, who commented on Hamlet’s blog:

Everyone needs a bail-out these days. Where I do get in line?