Philip Rosedale overviews Second Life

For those who haven’t had a chance to see Phil in action, here’s a link to a half-hour talk that he gave back in May in Pasadena. While he doesn’t talk about any of the big inworld issues of the day, he does share his background and philosophy on Second Life, as well as some big picture things about the metaverse that he finds interesting. If this high-level dialogue interests you, it’s worth a watch/listen.

And congrats to Torley – it looks like Phil used your photo feed as his background!

Congratulations Carlotta Ceawlin – “Bay City Visions” winner!


That’s Carlotta with her photo, “Bay City Rollers,” which won the “Bay City Visions” show at Second Arts.  What a gorgeous shot!

I look forward to including her work with the 22 other contestants (and Calli and my photos!), as well as some shots from tonight’s party, in the forthcoming RL show book.  Can’t wait!

Komuso Tokugawa takes over Bay City

A full sim, lots of friends….and the blues master. Does it get better?
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I love lights. Lights make a moment memorable…magical. So when I built the plaza for Sunday (tomorrow) evening’s Komuso Tokugawa show – which is really shaping up as a Viggy Christmas party as much as a celebration of the fantastic “Bay City Visions” show going on right now at Second Arts – I thought that some string lights, a bright Christmas tree and Christmas- themed concert lights would be a nice touch to make the show something special.

If you’re inworld from 6-7PM SLT tomorrow, plan on stopping by for another command performance from the SL blues sensei…and enjoy the lights!
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Komuso to play at Second Arts!


That’s right, Komuso is going to offer up his blues brilliance inworld at Second Arts this coming Sunday!  If you’ve seen the Aussie sensei play live from Tokyo, you know what a treat it is.  If you haven’t shaken your pixel thing to the rhythms provided by Beato-san and Basso-san, you owe it to yourself to check out what all the fuss is about.  (Warning: Komuso shows are VERY popular.  Show up early to make it into the sim, and be ready for a little lag.)

See you then!  Can’t wait!