Sharing holiday joy in Second Life

An unexpected thing happened this holiday season…I was DELUGED with Christmas gifts and cards! It’s an overwhelming feeling have a handful of gifts waiting for you EVERY TIME you log in. Having been as detached from the SL scene as I’ve been (or at least felt I’ve been), these demonstrations of friendship hit me right where it counts. Thanks, everyone!

Beyond that, you really have to admire the innovative spirit in SL’s creative class. I decided to put out all of the Christmas gifts on the Second Arts plaza as a quickie display of this great work, and here’s a 39-picture slideshow of the world in and around Vig’s Christmas tree…

I didn’t mention that the particle snowflakes throughout the slideshow were from a rezzer by Alizarin Goldflake. Also, I received a number of no mod/no transfer textures that I could not put on prims to display…so there really was quite a bit more beyond what I set out at Second Arts.

Again, it’s humbling to know that one has so many friends across the grid. Thanks, everyone, for making my Christmas just that much brighter.