Machinima: Christmas 2007 at Oyster Bay

Rummaging through my old machinima footage, I saw that I recorded Madcow Cosmos’ incredible Christmas tree at Oyster Bay (links here and here).  A little video editing later, and we have my Christmas gift to you!  It’s not the greatest footage ever shot, but hopefully it brings back warm memories.

Note the Viggy “Christmas card” on the dock of Oyster Bay at the end of the piece…what a monstrosity!  No wonder this year’s piece was so tame.

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Happy holidays, everyone!

New Komuso blues downloads include “Bay City Visions” piece

Komuso Tokugawa offers holiday greetings as only he can…komuso-bay-city-visions


Thank you for your generous support of my SL Live music experiments.
Please enjoy this 50 minute sonic snak pak of 2008 live music cuts from both SecondLife ™ and Real Life (tm*2).

Komuso’s SonicSnakPak is donationware, so if you like it and have some spare change feel free to drop whatever you want on me in L$ in SL or US$ via paypal at

I’d also mucho appreciate it if you could pass it on to your music loving friends who you think might like it! Your enemies even!!;-))

The SL tracks are all genuine SL Live gig recordings. I record all my gigs at 24bit 44khz before it goes out on the stream to SL so I always have a high quality master recording in case I actually play some blues instead of mistak…er, jazz!

SL Toons @ 256kbps mp3
1. St James Blues 5’18”. Recorded at Second Arts Photo Exhibition opening 08 Dec 2008. Thanks to Morris Vig for the gig! [My pleasure, Komuso!]
2. Dia De Los Muertos 4’29” (tip o’ the hat to George Thorogood’s Delaware Slide). Recorded at Pat O’Briens 14 Dec 2008. Thanks to Votslav Hax, Bobbyjo and the crew for the gig!
3. The Desert Blues 9’19” (Apologies to Percy Bysshe Shelley) Recorded at Twilight Jazz Club 17 Dec 2008. Thanks to Colleen, Lazlo, Quote for the gig!
4. Poor Boy 10’58” (Trad and Howlin’ Wolf/Chester Burnett) Recording at Triumph Cove 19 Dec 2008. Thanks to Ursula Cinquetti, Cher, and Blaze Columbia for the gig!

Thanks to all the other venues, hosts and musicians as well.

RL Toons 21’18” track @ 256kbps
Live recording from Amnesty International Xmas party at “What The Dickens”, Ebisu,Tokyo 14 Dec 2008. Straight into a Peavey Classic 30 amp with my trusty Hohner G3T guitar. Not a great harp sound and dodgy vocals, but hey, there you go!
Rough and Dirty Blues – mind the Jazz!. A quick throw together band and our first live gig after only a quick rehearsal beforehand.
Ken Hayashi (Spitfire Hulcranz in SL ) on drums, and Forrest Nelson (Duzzy Ryder in SL) on Bass.
1. Help Me (after a rather strange start!) Little Walter Jacobs
2. Give Me Back My Wig. Hound Dog Taylor
3. King Bee. Slim Harpo/James Moore
4. Delaware Slide/Dia De Los Muertos – ode to George Thorogood and more…

Y’all take care.
2009 is going to be tough year all round, so stay safe, be nice but keep your wits about you, and don’t forget your weekly random act of kindness.

Download here (free registration required)